Wednesday, February 17, 2010

McCain's "endorsements?" Hardly.

McCain recently trotted out endorsements from a couple of prominent national figures, the Arizona Congressional delegation, and numerous Arizona mayors. The problem? Many of those endorsements came before JD Hayworth entered the race, or were strong-armed. One "endorser" who supports Hayworth said they were told by the McCain camp that since they had been a delegate to the presidential convention for McCain in 2008, they were now considered to have endorsed McCain over Hayworth. Another "endorser" who supports Hayworth said they agreed to endorse McCain last fall only because at the time there was no one like Hayworth expected to challenge McCain. It is suspected that the vast majority of McCain's endorsements date back to when he ran for president, and most of those endorsers would rather not continue to support him against Hayworth. The question remains, how many of McCain's supposed endorsers really support him over Hayworth?

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