Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rep. Franks Calls on Iranian Dissidents to Continue their Struggle for Freedom

"This sort of evil always, inevitably, collapses upon itself. The question is only when and how."

February 10, 2010 - Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) gave the following statement today on the eve of the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution that took place on February 11, 1979, which resulted in the overthrow of Iran's monarchy and the ultimate establishment of a regime grounded in the radical ideology of Islamic fundamentalism:

"Every year on this day since 1979, the ruling regime in Iran has held commemorative rallies to mark the day that ultimately allowed an insidious shadow to fall across the nation of Iran. In the words of one dissident, it was a revolution they thought would bring them heaven and instead created a hell on earth.

"But tomorrow is also an opportunity to reflect on what is possible when a seemingly powerless people awaken to that universal call for freedom that echoes in every human heart.

"Every day more of the God-given freedoms of Iranian citizens are stolen and trampled upon; every day they watch the darkness of irrational hate and nuclear ambitions threaten the light of liberty, peace, and opportunity they hope to hand to their children.

"The disappointment I feel regarding the policy of apathy and ignorance the Obama Administration has maintained toward Iran is beyond my ability to express. Whether it was promising even on the campaign trail to meet with Iranian leaders without preconditions, waiting approximately two weeks before speaking strongly regarding the outrageous violence used by Ahmadinejad's regime against what were peaceful dissident protests, or simply refusing to pursue more aggressive sanctions against Iran both at the U.N. and here at home, President Obama seems to be in blatant denial of the profound danger a nuclear Iran represents, regardless of how well he may seem to articulate the threat in front of TV cameras.

"The divergence between what the President is saying and what the Administration is doing is becoming increasingly dangerous, and sends a mixed message to the innocent and freedom loving people of Iran who aspire to peace, and who desperately need to know that the Western world stands wholeheartedly beside them.

"Mr. Obama has wasted the entire tenure of his Presidency related to Iran by allowing its leaders to successfully employ the 'rope a dope' technique upon the free world.

"They have watched President Obama's non-response to North Korea's growing threat to world peace and Iranian leaders no longer consider him a credible deterrent to their own nuclear aspirations.

"The President of United States has sent, and continues to send, every possible signal that he intends to stand by and allow this dangerous regime to gain access to nuclear weapons; a scenario that would literally be an existential threat to the state of Israel and ultimately turn nuclear terrorism into reality across the world.

"If this in fact occurs, future generations will remember that it was Barack Obama's administration that allowed nuclear jihad to gain a foothold in the world.

"How ironic it is that young Iranian demonstrators are showing greater understanding and courage to stand up to this dangerous regime than the president of the most powerful nation in the world has shown thus far.

"History has been witness to countless evil dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose unmitigated lust for power and control has led them to carry out unspeakable acts of cruelty against innocent civilians, all masked in populism-like rhetoric that claims to be seeking only the greater good of society. But we have also watched the truth unfold throughout history, that this sort of evil always, inevitably, collapses upon itself. The question is only when and how. I want to commend the brave and freedom loving Iranians who are standing up to their radical Islamic government leaders. I also want to remind them that the vast majority of Americans stand with them and hold them in our prayers as they risk everything they have, against all odds, for the sake of human freedom and peace in the world."

Congressman Franks has introduced H.R. 3832, the "Peace Through Strength Act," which would strengthen the United States' sanctions on Iran and would require the Secretary of Defense to develop and maintain viable military options to prevent the successful development or deployment of nuclear weapons by the Iranian government.

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