Monday, February 15, 2010

JD Hayworth officially announces run for U.S. Senate, Chris Simcox endorses

 "There are two McCains, the one who campaigns as a conservative, and the one who legislates like a liberal."
-JD Hayworth, February 15, 2010

JD Hayworth officially kicked off his campaign for U.S. Senate against John McCain today with a speech at his new campaign headquarters in North Phoenix. A crowd of close to 1000 showed up, including several significant supporters who endorsed him. Former Minutemen leader Chris Simcox, Senator Ron Gould, Senator Chuck Gray, Maricopa County Republican chairman Rob Haney, and radio host Bruce Jacobs were the latest additions to the growing list of endorsees which already includes Sheriff Arpaio, Mark Levin and Don Goldwater.

Bruce Jacobs emceed the event, and had some choice words about McCain's attack ads accusing JD of voting for snakes in Guam, a criticism which has been thoroughly debunked. Jacobs noted that McCain wants to close GITMO and endorsed Janet Napolitano for Secretary of Homeland Security, among other liberal leanings.

Chuck Gray, Don Goldwater, Rob Haney and Arpaio spoke next. The applause for Arpaio was deafening and continued for a long time, with people yelling and whistling.

JD introduced his wife, who said "Hi, I'm Miss Mary" for the benefit of everyone who has heard him refer to her on his talkshow. JD began his talk saying, "Contrary to the left's wishes, I'm still here." He listed off a litany of McCain's liberal record: he supports cap and trade, he voted against the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 which JD helped draft, calling them "tax cuts for the rich." He supports an illegal immigrant amnesty plan, which would end up costing taxpayers a trillion dollars - a legalized bailout of illegal immigrants. He opposes drilling in ANWAR, comparing it to drilling in the Grand Canyon. He opposes waterboarding. He talks about global warming in apolcalyptic terms, sounding just like Al Gore. The McCain JD voted for 2000 for president is no longer the same McCain he voted for. JD said if they have a debate, he's going to bring a third chair for McCain's other alter ego.

When McCain jokingly referred to the media as "my base," we all laughed since we knew it was true. And now he's trotting out endorsements from many of the people who got us into this mess in the first place.
JD noted that McCain often speaks of his like for Hillary and their warm friendship. What he really means is that he's "like" Hillary. That $300 million bailout for lenders? McCain bragged that he got the idea from Hillary. If you're listening to Hillary, you're not listening to Arizona!

Can you name anything McCain has done for Arizona in the past decade?

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