Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Los Angeles Times comparing Hayworth's race against McCain to Rubio's race against Crist

Some excerpts from the article

Running against GOP establishment, Rubio, Hayworth find allies among conservative activists

Marco Rubio and J.D. Hayworth have different styles and different backgrounds, and they're from opposite sides of the country. But both are hoping to win Senate seats by tapping into the energy of conservatives to defeat big-name, establishment-backed Republicans.

Both candidates hope to seize what conservatives see as a growing national rejection of the Democratic agenda on issues like health care and energy policy. The conservative movement regards 2010 as an opportunity to put candidates it supports into office, regardless of whether they have the backing of the Republican establishment.

Hayworth questions why McCain brags about launching a "scorched earth" campaign against him.

"Arizona voters are coming up to me and saying 'Where was this against Obama in the presidential race?'" Hayworth said. "John is saving his scorn and his vitriol for a conservative. I don't think that helps him."

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