Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maricopa Supervisor Stapley arrested on 93 felony charges

Some excerpts from the ABC-15 article -

A source, speaking to ABC15 under the condition of anonymity, said the charges include fraudulent schemes, prohibited acts of a public official, theft, and perjury.

The source also told ABC15 the charges stem from monies that were allegedly transferred back and forth between several campaign accounts and personal accounts.

Supervisor Stapley allegedly used $100 from a political campaign account called “Stapley for Supervisor” to establish a separate campaign account called “Stapley for NACo” (National Association of Counties), according to an ABC15 source.

"The Stapley for NACo bank account was opened on 9/30/2004 with a $100 transfer from Donald Stapley’s 'Stapley for Supervisor' account. Approximately $140,000 in solicited donations was deposited into the NACo account between 9/30/2004 and 10/31/2008."

According to the source, financial records reveal Supervisor Stapley transferred tens of thousands of dollars from the NACo account to a personal account so he could qualify for a loan.

After qualifying for the loan, Stapley allegedly transferred that money back to his Stapley for NACo account.

“Bank records show that Stapley wrote checks of approximately $47,000 on the NACo account, paid more than 30 credit card statements for a Bank of America credit card from the account totaling approximately $86,000, one credit card statement for a Chase credit card of approximately $37,000 and transferred approximately $97,000 to other accounts owned by Stapley and/or his business entities.”

“There was a total of approximately $97,000 in transfers to other bank accounts owned by Stapley and/or his entities. The largest transfer was for $60,000 which was made to Stapley’s personal checking account on 6/7/05. This $60,000 was transferred back to the Stapley for NACo account on 6/13/05.”

“It appears that Stapley transferred these (and other funds from other accounts, including his political contribution account) to his personal account to ensure that there were adequate funds in his account to cover a check for $121,000.”

“An additional transfer for $20,000 was made to Stapley’s personal checking account on 2/2/05. It appears that these funds were used to make a partial payment on the Bank One/Chase credit card on 3/1/05.”

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