Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ADF: Where can you be a Christian?

It's a concept explained in most churches, Christian business groups and Bible studies... You may, by profession, be a teacher, a lawyer, or an accountant – but because you're a Christian, that comes first. So, that makes you a Christian teacher, a Christian lawyer, or a Christian accountant. It's a helpful concept for people who desire to share their faith in the classroom, the office, or at the watercooler. But, increasingly, some employers are asking that Christians shed that most important title in the workplace.

Find out why Toni, a Christian nurse, was fired from her full-time job after explaining her faith in God to her employer by clicking "Learn More" below. There, you'll also learn about other Christians asked to keep their faith under wraps at work – and how the Alliance Defense Fund is successfully fighting for the right to express your faith where many spend at least 40 hours each week.

As our faithful Ministry Friend, you know well that Our First Liberty – religious freedom – is under serious assault in America. In order for Christian workers to be free to express their faith at work, maintain their testimonies and win lost souls for Christ, we must continue to vigorously defend these rights. Help us do that with a special gift today.
Preserving a Legacy - September 8, 2009
Two weeks ago, I had the privilege to speak to a convention center full of American heroes - America's best - men and women who've devoted their lives to fight for our country and for its freedoms. These heroes have not only earned my respect, they've also earned the right to rest. But as I spoke, I asked them to take on a new battle - one that I am sure they will do with the same diligence and excellence they displayed when they defended and protected our nation.

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