Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ADF: Judge Orders Child’s Faith be Tested

A homeschooled girl is ordered to attend public school after judge deems her Christian faith too much like her mother's.

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You may have seen the headlines or learned about this latest Alliance Defense Fund case on the radio or television. It is causing outrage…and for good reason.

An ADF-allied attorney, along with the client, are considering appealing a New Hampshire court decision to send a 10-year-old, academically gifted, and socially adapted girl to a government-run school against her and her mother's will.

If a family court judge in New Hampshire can order this girl to school, for no other reason than to challenge her faith in Christ, what's next? Don't wait to find out!

Your generous support provided the funds necessary to take this case, and any special gift you can give today will continue help defend Our First Liberty – religious freedom.

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