Monday, September 14, 2009

Liberal reporters on Horizon's Journalists' Roundtable all predicting Andy Thomas will win for AG

Nice. On the liberal PBS program Journalist's Roundtable on Horizon Friday night, all of the liberal political journalists in town agreed that Republican Andy Thomas will easily win the race for Attorney General next year. Their reasons included: Republicans are finally putting up a big name for AG with Andy, even though Dems put a lot of money to try and defeat him with ACLU Tim last year Andy still won by a wide margin, Tom Horne who will be running in the GOP primary is still questioned for having conservative credentials since he used to be a Dem, and the Dems aren't putting up any big names (who has heard of Felicia Rottelini or Vince Robigo? David Lujan is about as unknown, and if you know who he is it's because he's so far left). When you've got the liberal journalists agreeing that you're gonna win, it's a pretty good sign.

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