Monday, September 14, 2009

CAP: 9-11, PAW, Reversing Napolitano, Healthcare & Truth Project

May We Never Forget
Today, on the 8th anniversary of the terrorist attack on our nation, take a moment to remember. Thank God for His protection and for leaders whose actions have protected us from another attack on our soil. Pray for the victims' families who endure this anniversary every year.

PAW - Parents Are Watching

The kids are back in school now, with new homework assignments and research projects. That means more Internet use, which means you need to protect your kids on the Internet. You cannot assume that your children are immune from the risks posed by the Internet.
Parents have their hands full staying ahead of the harmful trends, but there are basic steps to take, no matter what the technology. Talk to your kids about Internet safety and establish some basic rules for computer, video game, and cell phone use. Supervise your child's Internet searches to make sure they are not inadvertently exposed to harmful content. Become familiar with common texting abbreviations like PAW ("Parents Are Watching"). You can find more of these terms and a list ofhelpful resources on our website.
Reversing Another Napolitano Action
Last Friday, Governor Brewer reversed another illegitimate move made by Governor Janet Napolitano. Former Governor Napolitano used the administrative rule process to circumvent the Legislature and redefine "dependent" for state health insurance to include unmarried "domestic partners." Brewer and the Legislature corrected this abuse of power in one of the budget bills that Brewer signed on Friday. CAP applauds the efforts of the Legislature and Governor Brewer to correct Napolitano's efforts to usurp the Legislature's authority.
Parents Beware - Again
On a Sunday afternoon in October, with the weather cooling off, you might be thinking it's a great time to take your kids out to the Phoenix Zoo. Unfortunately, you need to be aware that Phoenix Prides is sponsoring an event called "OUTday" to celebrate and promote homosexual behavior on Sunday, October 11, at the Zoo. If you don't want your children exposed to this event when you go to see the elephants, I encourage you to pick another day to visit the Zoo.
Healthcare Debate Needs You!
With Congress back in session and the President's speech Wednesday, the debate about healthcare requires our attention, prayers, and action. For a pro-life, pro-family perspective, stay tuned to our allies at Family Research Council and Citizenlink. This week, FRC Action held a live webcast discussing healthcare with elected officials, policy experts, and religious leaders. You can watch the video online.
Don't Miss Upcoming Truth Project Training!
CAP is offering the following training events to prepare you to lead a Truth Project small group:
Learn How to Get Involved

We invite you to attend the upcoming Candidate and Activist Training seminar put on by American Majority on Saturday, September 26. This conference promises to provide valuable tools for those considering running for public office and for those who want to get involved and better communicate their views to their friends and neighbors. We have more online

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