Saturday, May 2, 2009

CAP update

Praying for America
More than ever, our country needs prayer warriors to lift up our nation in prayer. With our federal government being controlled by pro-abortion leaders and marriage being radically redefined in some states, we need to be praying for the future of our values. But it is not a time to be without hope! The National Day of Prayer on May 7th is a great opportunity to join together with others to pray for our country and leaders. This year's theme is "Prayer...America's Hope." To learn more about Arizona's role in this important day, please visit the Arizona National Day of Prayer website.
100 Days of Change?
When Barack Obama was elected President, he promised that "change is coming to America." In only 100 days, President Obama has radically changed American policies - but not for the better. Make sure you watch this powerful video from Family Research Council that shows Obama's 100 Days of Change for Families.

As CAP keeps you updated on Arizona issues, make sure that you are turning to Family Research Council and Focus on the Family's Citizen Link to know what is going on at the national level. To learn more about the differences between the policies of Washington, D.C. and those in Arizona government, visit our CAP Family Blog. To read a great commentary about the "Hate Crime" Legislation currently being passed through Congress and its effect on the faith-based community, visit Pastor Mark Martin's blog.
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to Attend
CAP Family Dinner with Mike Huckabee

For the first time in CAP history, the seated governor of Arizona will be joining us at our CAP Family Dinner on May 19th. Governor Brewer, a strong pro-life ally, will be making remarks at the event. We hope you are making plans to join us for this special evening to hear from Gov. Mike Huckabee on the topic of "No Compromise: Standing Strong for Faith and Family in a Changing World." Take 60 seconds to listen to this personal invitation from Gov. Huckabee and then make your reservation for this event!
Catholics Tell Notre Dame: No Compromise!
I am so thankful to our Catholic pro-life friends for their strong, unwavering, persistent stand for their pro-life convictions in the Notre Dame controversy. Since Notre Dame President John Jenkins announced that pro-abortion President Obama will speak at their May graduation ceremonies, many Notre Dame alumni have decided to stop supporting their alma matter. This week, respected Harvard Law professor and former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican Mary Ann Glendon declined to receive Notre Dame's Laetare Medal at the graduation. Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted previously had made public his opposition to Notre Dame's invitation to President Obama. The Bioethics Defense Fund has also taken a stand against Notre Dame's decision. Take time to read the letters and be encouraged by these leaders that are standing strong and not compromising!
Legislative Update
On Tuesday, the House Committee of the Whole passed Jesse's Law, Part 2. CAP's Policy Team has worked out an agreement with representatives from the medical community, public fiduciaries, and the courts on this bill that protects patients who are incapacitated and who don't have a living will. The bill now awaits a full vote in the House before it can be moved to the Senate. There were rumors that the state budget would get passed this week, but they turned out to be only rumors. Once the budget is passed, we expect CAP-supported legislation to start moving through the Senate.

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