Saturday, May 23, 2009

CAP: Governor Brewer Calls Special Session to Rescue Students!

On Wednesday, Governor Jan Brewer reached an agreement with legislative leaders to call a special session for "Lexie's Law." This legislation would establish a new corporate scholarship tax credit so that displaced and disabled students like Lexie Weck, who has autism, can still attend a private school in the fall. Because of the March ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court that struck down scholarships for students with special needs, most of these students would be forced back into public schools this fall where their needs were not being met. The legislature is expected to pass "Lexie's Law" next week. Check out CAP's blog for legislative schedule and more information.

Arizona House Leader Promoting Gambling Expansion!

House Majority Whip Andy Tobin has proposed a massive increase in legalized gambling in an attempt to fix the state budget. CAP has notified legislators of our strong opposition. During a tough economic time, it does not make sense to expand gambling when the social and economic costs of gambling outweigh the benefits by 3 to 1. If Mr. Tobin's budget proposal passes, it would allow slots and table games at racetracks, which would "blow the caps" on current gambling restrictions on Indian reservations. This likely would result in Phoenix and the entire state becoming virtually the next Las Vegas. If you haven't already, please take time to respond to CAP's action alert - legislators need to hear from you today on this critical issue!

County Attorney Andrew Thomas Addresses Planned Parenthood Cover-Ups

In response to Live Action Film's video exposé showing Planned Parenthood failing to report sexual abuse, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas issued a press release this week to warn Planned Parenthood that failing to report such cases is illegal. He called on all abortion clinics to follow state law and help protect victims of sexual abuse. Only time will tell whether Planned Parenthood finally decides to follow the law. The Thomas press release acknowledges that Planned Parenthood initially requested training for their employees yet they have not responded to follow-up calls to schedule the training.

Praise God for CAP Family Dinner!

Wow - amazing - grateful - thanks be to God - those are the words I use to describe the excitement and energy at CAP's Family Dinner Tuesday night with 1,200 people, including Gov. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Jan Brewer, and over 40 state legislators. Governor Mike Huckabee gave a powerful message, defending life and reminding Arizona that this is a unique opportunity to stand strong for faith and families without compromising. Check out the podcast on our website. You can order the DVD online.

Legislative Update

The Senate has joined the House in passing budget bills through their respective Appropriations Committees. Hopefully this means the legislature finally will pass the 2010 state budget next week. Meanwhile, pro-life and pro-family bills continue to be held hostage by the failure to pass a budget. While it is encouraging that the budget is moving forward, it is essential that lawmakers do not forgo this unique opportunity to send pro-life legislation to Governor Brewer's desk.

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