Friday, May 22, 2009

Arizona Senate Appropriations Passes 2010 Budget Sans Tax Increases

by Patrick Gleason, Americans for Tax Reform

Cheerful news to report out of Arizona:

Yesterday the Senate Appropriations Committee passed a budget FY 2010 that closes the state’s $3 billion deficit. Lawmakers closed the gap through privatization, spending cuts, asset sales, bonding, and fund sweeps.

Most importantly, the plan does not include any tax increases.

Arizonans thought they were entering an era of conservative executive leadership when Janet Napolitano left for DC and was replaced by Secretary of State Jan Brewer. However, shortly after taking office, Gov. Brewer proposed an 18%, billion dollar per year sales tax increase in the middle of a recession. It is unclear who is advising her to do this but they apparently never took Economics 101.

In a move that will help expedite the state’s economic recovery, the Senate budget plan also includes permanent repeal of the state property tax. The state property tax had been suspended but is slated to come back at the end of this year. Permanent repeal will provide Arizona residents $250 million in property tax relief this year by preventing its reinstatement. Now that’s stimulus.

Gov. Brewer, who is apparently desperate to lose her first gubernatorial primary, has not only stuck by her calls for a tax increase but has promised to veto any budget sent to her by the legislator that does not sock it to Grand Canyon State taxpayers.

Stay tuned for the latest on this budget fight that is of national importance.


Zelph said...

It might have passed out of approps, but this budget doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of passing out of the full Senate. Even most Republicans won't vote for this piece of crap. Some of them want to be reelected and don't represent bulletproof districts.

Zelph said...

It might have made it out of Approps, where Kooky Kons rule, but this budget doesn't have a chance in hell of passing in the full Senate, let lone in the House. Even if it did the Governor would never sign it. Even most Republicans wouldn't vote for this piece of crap. Some of them, you see, want to be reelected and don't live in bulletproof districts.