Thursday, May 7, 2009

ADF: National Day of Prayer today

Alan Sears, President, CEO & General Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund with just some of the letters of encouragement to Shirley Dobson and petitions to President Barack Obama from Ministry Friends to save the National Day of Prayer

Thousands of Americans have joined with ADF to save the National Day of Prayer.

15,106 wrote letters of encouragement to Shirley Dobson – Chair of the NDOP Task Force and a client of ADF as a defendant in a ridiculous lawsuit to stop the event.
23,781 signed petitions to President Barack Obama, asking him to issue a proclamation for 2009 National Day of Prayer.
68,000+ have joined the Save the NDOP cause on the social networking site Facebook. In fact, that number probably isn't even correct anymore – about 2,000 people are joining that cause every day.
It's all making a difference. The Obama administration announced that the president will sign a proclamation for the National Day of Prayer on Thursday. Also, 47 states have issued proclamations for the NDOP – that's happening just two days from now, on Thursday, May 7th. Among those states is Wisconsin – home to the Freedom from Religion Foundation. That's the group suing to put an end to this event altogether.

But it's not over. The case is still pending. ADF attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss, and we're still waiting to hear back from the court on that. However, we will fight this case – and any other challenges to public prayer that arise on the National Day of Prayer itself – with your help.

Join the thousands of others that have stepped up to defend the National Day of Prayer. Your online donation will help protect your religious freedom for generations to come.

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