Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Burgundy Goes Biggs Time with Groundbreaking Interview of State Rep. Andy Biggs

Catch Local Media Celebrity Jim Burgundy’s Exclusive Interview

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, MAY 4, 2009 – Beneath the suit and tie, right-wing politics and conservative nature, State Rep. Andy Biggs is a laugh machine.

The Chairman of the Transportation Committee and Republican who hails from Gilbert, Arizona, left no question unanswered when recently interviewed by infamous and often bawdy media personality Jim Burgundy.

Covering issues ranging from alternate names for Pinal County to the whereabouts of the Lost Dutchman to President Obama’s late night habits, Rep. Biggs not only candidly responded to Burgundy’s queries, but even cracked a few zingers of his own.

You think you know a guy…..

The Burgundy Channel, launched in February, introduced the Valley to Jim Burgundy, whose banter and “nothing is off-limits” policy has evoked a variety of emotions from viewers and media statewide.

So what’s all the fuss about? And, perhaps more importantly, what’s with the restroom question? Tune in to find out. Visit www.roseandallynpr.com and click on the link for “The Burgundy Channel/Episode Five.”

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