Monday, May 11, 2009

CAP: First ever LGBT day at the ballpark

Parent Alert!

If you have tickets for the June 27 Arizona Diamondbacks game, you probably want to reconsider. A fun, family experience at the ballpark for "70's Night" won't be much fun once your children start asking you what words like "transgender" mean. Equality Arizona has announced the "first ever LGBT day at the ballpark" for the June 27 Dbacks game versus the Los Angeles Angels at Chase Field. LGBT stands for "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender." Similar to activities sponsored by many community organizations, including churches, an organization called "One Community" has organized a group outing to the ballpark. For every group ticket purchased, $5 will be donated to homosexual advocacy groups including Phoenix Pride Scholarship Fund, Equality Arizona, Aunt Rita's Foundation, and 1-in-10 nonprofit organizations. If you want to take your family to the ball game, I encourage you to pick a different day than June 27.

Students' Rights Bill Passes House!

On Wednesday, the Arizona House passed HB 2357, Students' Religious Liberties Act, with a 37-23 vote. This bill ensures that students' rights are protected in public schools, allowing them to speak freely of their faith. The bill will also assist school officials in knowing what speech is or isn't permitted in a school setting. The bill is one of seven CAP-supported bills that now await Senate action as President Bob Burns continues to hold legislation until the budget is completed.

Where will you be on May 19th?

Everywhere I go, people are telling me how excited they are to join CAP on May 19th to have dinner with Mike Huckabee. This 2009 CAP Family Dinner will be one of our most important as we listen to a man who is helping lead the pro-life, pro-family charge in America. We hope you can join us and Gov. Mike Huckabee for the CAP Family Dinner on May 19th.

Celebrating Life on Mother's Day!

This Sunday is a special time to remember our mothers and thank them for the sacrifices they have made for us throughout the years. I'm looking forward to spending Sunday with both of my children and my mom. One of the biggest decisions that each of our mothers made was to choose life instead of abortion. But, unfortunately, too many women are not choosing life. Recently, Planned Parenthood has been doing a special Mother's Day donation drive, claiming that no other organization supports mothers like this pro-abortion organization does. It is tragic to think that people across America will donate money to an organization that wants to prevent the joys of motherhood by taking the lives of preborn children.

Don't lose hope; there's plenty that we can do! Thanks to the work of crisis pregnancy centers, more children are saved and able to be raised in a loving home. I encourage you to use this Mother's Day weekend to pray for the many women facing unplanned pregnancies to find wisdom, strength, and grace. Pray also for those post-abortive women who have not yet come to know God's love and forgiveness. Then, consider volunteering your time at a local crisis pregnancy center within the next month.

Governor Says "No" to Planned Parenthood.

Abortion advocates recently blasted Gov. Brewer for excluding materials provided by Planned Parenthood from the Women's Health Expo & Conference. Planned Parenthood said excluding them was "alarming and potentially dangerous" - an absurd statement from an organization with a consistent track record of deceiving women. As recent videos released by Live Action Films revealed, Planned Parenthood cares little about protecting women and young girls and is willing to ignore the law in the face of potential sexual abuse. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood opposes the Abortion Consent Act (HB 2564), which would provide basic information to women considering abortion. CAP applauds Gov. Brewer's decision not to include information from an organization that has repeatedly put its pro-abortion position above the needs of women. There are plenty of entities and practitioners capable of providing sound information on the subject of women's health for the Expo.

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