Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watching the Left: State bills the ACLU is opposing

Abortion Procedure Ban

HB 2400 seeks to prohibit a procedure that is medically known as intact dilation and extraction. If passed, it will impose criminal penalties of up to two years in prison for a doctor who performs the procedure on a patient. This same bill was vetoed two times during the 2008 legislative session by Governor Napolitano, who cited that Arizona physicians are already subject to criminal penalties under an existing federal statute and expressed concern regarding interference in the relationship between a woman and her doctor.

HB 2400 is BAD for ARIZONA because:

  • This bill mirrors existing federal law, which means not a single abortion will be prevented in Arizona. Instead, it will dictate what medical procedure a doctor may perform to protect a pregnant woman with serious health problems.
  • It is bad policy. It is a blanket prohibition that does not include any exceptions to protect a woman's health.
  • It sends the dangerous message that Arizona politicians -- not doctors -- are better qualified to protect the health of a pregnant woman.

  • When abortion is illegal, it doesn't go away. Women still have abortions -- just unsafe ones. Criminalization forces women to obtain illegal abortions that put their lives and health at greater risk.

This bill is moving quickly and will likely go to the House floor later this week. Contact your Representative and urge him or her to VOTE NO on HB 2400.

CLICK HERE to find your legislator's contact info.

Limitations on Political Speech

HB 2274 requires that both public and private employers obtain written permission, in proper form, from employees prior to allowing payroll deductions that have a "political purpose." Also required will be an affirmation by organizations that receive these donations that the funds will not be used for "political purposes." Violators will face a harsh $10,000 fine.

HB 2274 is BAD for ARIZONA because:

  • The term "political purpose," which includes advocacy, is very broad and would be subject to discriminatory and arbitrary application.
  • These sanctions would create an environment ripe for the intimidation of an employee who wishes to deduct contributions made to any organizations that the employer may not approve of or agree with.
  • This bill is a blatant violation of free speech because it erects an unnecessary barrier to political speech.

This bill will be heard by the House Government Committee at 2 pm on Tuesday, February 10.

Contact the Chair and Vice Chair to urge them to VOTE NO on HB 2274:

Chairman Sam Crump
(602) 926 - 3014


Vice Chairman Steve Montenegro
(602) 926 - 5955

Prohibition of Enhanced Driver Licenses

HB 2426 bars Arizona from participating in an enhanced driver's license program, which mandates the use of border-crossing cards.

HB 2426 is GOOD for Arizona because:

  • It prohibits the use of licenses with RFID chips that emit a radio signal that transmits data up to 30 feet away. RFID chips allow remote tracking of the license holder, by government officials or anyone else who buys an RFID reader over the internet.
  • It protects our privacy from being invaded by our government.

This bill will be heard in the Transportation Committee at 9:00 am on Thursday, February 12.

Contact the Chair and Vice Chair and urge them to VOTE YES on HB 2426:

Chairman Andy Biggs
(602) 926 - 4371


Vice Chairman Frank Antenori
(602) 926 - 5683

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