Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CAP: Abortion laws, Sen. Kyl talk, gay marriage & school choice rally

We Can Finally Fix Arizona's Abortion Laws.

This year, with a new Governor and a pro-life legislature, we have an opportunity to pass a top CAP legislative priority: the Abortion Consent Act.

The Abortion Consent Act addresses the real-world problems that we hear about all the time – women who did not receive full information or time to consider their decision before an abortion, parents whose rights to give consent for their minor daughter's abortion were thwarted, and healthcare workers who were forced to choose between their jobs and their moral beliefs about abortion. It is way past time to fix our abortion statutes and promote reasonable regulations to protect preborn children, women, parents, and healthcare workers.

Visit our blog to learn more about this important bill. See what the Arizona Republic, Tucson Citizen, and Focus on the Family's CitizenLink are saying about the Abortion Consent Act.

Last Chance to Sign Up to Hear from Senator Jon Kyl!

Next Saturday, February 21, you don't want to miss out on Making Your Voice Count. U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, Arizona Senate President Bob Burns, and Arizona Speaker of the House Kirk Adams, will address how YOU can make a difference in public policy. Tickets are only $10/person and $25/family. Purchase tickets online or call our office at (602) 424-2525.

Nice Try - Defying the Marriage Laws in Tucson.

The Arizona Daily Star is reporting this morning that two women were issued a marriage license in Pima County on Thursday. The story reports that the women fraudulently filled in the form as “male” and “female,” so the County issued the license. This type of activity is why we passed the marriage amendment to ensure that marriage remains as only the union of one man and one woman in our state. We fully expect Pima County officials to correct this error immediately.

Your Votes Matter.

This legislative session, it's easy to see what a difference your votes made in the last election.

First, in a very positive move for families, the Arizona House is specifically including life-affirming measures in its Majority Program. Three CAP-supported bills are among the top priorities for the next 45 days: making permanent the corporate income tax credit for school tuition scholarships, banning partial-birth abortion in our state law, and simplifying the tax credit for contributions to charitable organizations that serve the needs of the poor.

Second, Governor Brewer, House Speaker Kirk Adams, and Senate President Bob Burns joined thousands of kids in support of school choice at a rally at the Capitol on Tuesday. Check out our blog's report on the rally and this video from PBS's Horizon.

Finally, we get a clear picture of what would have happened to our state if pro-family majorities were lost in our state House and Senate by looking at some of the bad ideas that have been introduced at our legislature this year.

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