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The Defender monthly update

Dear Friend of Life,

If you're an active mountain climber (or have an active imagination) you can relate to the experience of approaching the summit of a mountain. The end is in sight and even though you're tired beyond belief your body suddenly rushes with energy to finish. That is how I feel now that I have raised 83% of my financial support for my Justice for All mission. With your help I know that there is no limit to the life-saving work we can accomplish.
In This Update
St. Mary's High School Presentation
OLPH Glendale Pro-life Talk
Janauary Pro-life Drama Update
Justice for All Training at ASU and UofA
A Fisher of Men . . . and Students
Speaking to St. Mary's StudentsOn January 17th and 19th I was invited to present the Justice for All mission to every theology class (or nearly 200 students!) at St. Mary's Catholic High School. The students were familiar with the abortion issue, but my presentation definitely took them by surprise. That is because our JFA presentation compares past civil rights activists' use of graphic images (such as the pictures of Emmet Till) to our use of graphic images to overcome abortion. Theology teacher Christina Strafaci shared with me this student feedback about my presentation, "He was real. Trent was so easy to listen to. I felt like he was giving me the facts and wasn't preaching to me."

Please pray that these students will join our pro-life outreach at the ASU campus this week.

This month I was also able share the JFA mission with:

Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Scottsdale Sanctity of Life Committee
Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Glendale Youth Group

Most Holy Trinity Youth Group
Various Groups at Corpus Christi Parish
Weekend Masses at Christ the King Parish
Weekend Masses at St. Joan of Arc Parish

My Big Performance
The Protestors Storm Our Rally!When there are more than 500 people watching even a seasoned public speaker can become a tad nervous. However, I was glad to be among friends as I addressed the Roman Catholic Pro-life Youth Rally in Tempe on January 23rd. The attendees were probably expecting a traditional keynote address, but there expectations went out the window when four actors, posing as pro-choice protesters, stormed the building chanting, "two, four, six, eight, Choice is good! Choice is great!" For the rest of the evening we combined praise and worship, video, and a mock dialogue between myself and partner Jahel Cruz to model for the attendees how to have a good conversation on the issue of abortion with anyone.

Please pray that these rally attendees will receive the grace and courage to have compassionate dialogues on the issue of abortion with their friends and family.
Making the "Case for Life"
Me addressing OLPH students

As a pro-life speaker I have many different presentations at my disposal to suit each audience's particular needs and interests. "The Case for Life" is a presentation I give for "mixed groups" that are composed of both pro-life students who need reinforcement and pro-choice students who need convincing. On January 26th I was invited to present "The Case for Life" to over 70 middle school and high school students of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help youth group in Glendale. The students were very attentive during the presentation and one young lady, who I'll call Clarissa, really surprised me. She approached me at the end of the night to thank me for giving such a good presentation and said, "Before your talk I was totally pro-choice but now I'm pro-life, so thanks!" Praise be to God for the gifts he gives to help us witness to others!

Equipping Ambassadors at ASU
Me Training Participants at ASUOn January 31st our Justice for All team trained nearly 70 people at ASU in our Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue seminar. The seminar began with two short presentations about the JFA mission and approach. Then, we divided the participants into small groups so they could practice their skills with our university outreach tools (exhibit, poll tables, and free speech boards). During the training I served as a mentor playing the "pro-choice part" to help participants learn how to have productive conversations with others who disagree with them about the issue of abortion. Please pray that these newly trained ambassadors will join us this week to help our exhibit outreach at Arizona State University.

This week we will be presenting the Justice for All exhibit at the University of Arizona in Tucson (February 2nd-3rd) and at Arizona State University (February 4th-5th). Please pray that our outreach is met with good weather and open hearts who are willing to listen to a persuasive presentation of the Gospel of Life.

In addition, please pray that 17 families or individuals will come forward to pledge an average of $25 each month to help me finish my support raising efforts. If you would like to help, please click here to make an online donation to support my lifesaving work.

Thank's for taking the time to read my monthly newsletter! To learn more about me, Justice for All, and our work to train thousands to make abortion unthinkable for millions, click here.

Upcoming Events

February 2nd-3rd:
The Justice for All exhibit will be hosted at the University of Arizona

February 4th-5th:
The Justice for All exhibit will be hosted at Arizona State University

Saturday, February 21st:
12:00pm - 5:30pm
JFA Pro-life Training at UT Austin. To register call 800.281.6426

Sunday, February: 22nd
12:00pm - 5:30pm
JFA Pro-life Training at UT San Antonio. To register call 800.281.6426

February 23-24th:
The Justice for All exhibit will be hosted at the University of Texas - San Antonio

February 25-26th:
The Justice for All exhibit will be hosted at the University of Texas - Austin

Favorite Scripture Verse of the Month
The Bible
Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest."
(Matthew 9:37-38 NAB)

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