Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today, Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) announces the launch of its 2009 legislative agenda. CAP's agenda addresses real problems faced by Arizona families. CAP looks forward to working with the House, the Senate, and Governor Brewer to advance these bills protecting and defending Arizona families. To keep up to date on this legislation and to learn more about each bill, visit CAP's Legislative Action Center and blog.

  • HB 2400 / SB 1138 – State Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion. Prohibits partial-birth abortion in Arizona law.
  • HB 2564 – Abortion Consent Act. Resolves problems in Arizona's abortion statutes regarding the rights of parents whose minor daughter faces an unplanned pregnancy, the informed consent rights of a woman considering an abortion, and the civil rights of health care professionals not to participate in abortion.
  • HB 2616 – Jesse's Law, Part 2. Protects a patient who is unable to communicate his wishes and who does not have a health care legal directive by modifying Arizona's laws governing when food and fluid can be withheld from a patient.
  • HB 2286 – Charitable Tax Credit Simplification. Simplifies the state tax credit for donations to charities who dedicate over 50% of their services to meeting the needs of the working poor.
  • HB 2288 – Scholarship Tax Credits. Ensures that the corporate tax credit program that provides scholarships for children to attend private schools as chosen by their parents continues beyond 2011.
  • HB 2287 – Withholding Tax Reduction. Enables employees to have their withholding tax reduced and contributed to the scholarship, school activities, and charitable tax credit programs.
  • SB 1206 – Divorce Reform. Grants discretion for judges to consider marital misconduct in divorce financial settlement awards.
  • HB 2357 / SB 1393 – Students' Religious Liberties Act. Codifies court rulings into state law clarifying that students in public schools have constitutional rights to express their religious beliefs.
  • SB 1434 – Judicial Voter Information Act. Increases amount of information available to voters in judicial retention elections.

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