Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sen. Thayer Verschoor to speak at PAChyderm tonight on AZ stimulus

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Wedfnesday, February 18, 2009

Show me the money. Should we take it?
Every state in the Union will face this dilemma. This is one viewpoint from Arizona.

From Senator Thayer Verschoor:

Congress is ready to spend 790 Billion dollars of the taxpayer's money. They are calling it a stimulus package. Truth be told, the package is bigger and more wasteful than the "Great Society" pushed by President Johnson. Millions are going to liberal propaganda groups like ACORN. It will continue, expand or create new government programs. It will weaken the value of the US Dollar and slow down the economic recovery.

So, as a State should we take the money sent to Arizona?
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SenatorThayer Verschoor is the guest speaker at the February PAChyderm Coalition Meeting. Senator Verschoor will be discussing the 2010 budget crisis and other topics. Seating is limited please E-mail Diane Douglas to reserve your seat.
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NEA Ranks Arizona 21st in aggregate dollars spent on K-12

The facts: Sources

Education Funding:

§ Per pupil funding (from all sources): $9700. JLBC

§ Education comprises nearly 60% of the state general fun JLBC

§ Arizona ranks 21st in aggregate dollars
spent on K-12. NCES, NEA, ATRA

§ Arizona ranks 21st in aggregate dollars
spent on current K-12 operating expenses. NCES, NEA, ATRA

Teacher Salaries

§ Arizona ranks 11th for teacher salaries. NCES, NEA, ATRA

§ Arizona ranks 1st in the average salary of instructional
staff on a per capita income basis. NCES, NEA, ATRA

Test Scores

§ Arizona ranks 21st nationally for ACT composite scores. ALEC

§ Arizona ranks 27th for SAT Math and
Critical Reading scores. NCES

Student Enrollment

§ Arizona ranks 13th in aggregate K-12
total student enrollment. NEA

Higher Education

§ Higher Education general fund monies have
increased by 43% since 2004. JLBC

§ Arizona ranks 11th in percentage of
individuals 18-24 years old with a
Bachelor Degree. National Science Foundation
JLBC: Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee; NCES: National Center for Education Statistics; NEA: National Education Association; ATRA: Arizona Tax Research Association; ALEC: American Legislative Exchange Council.

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You are invited to the next meeting of the PACHyderm Coalition
February 18,2009, at the El Paso Bar B Que Grill
43rd Avenue and Peoria, Glendale, AZ
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