Monday, February 2, 2009

CAP: FOCA - Worth Making A Fuss Over

You may have heard the fuss lately about the federal Freedom of Choice Act (“FOCA”) and wondered what it was all about. FOCA would make abortion a “fundamental right” in federal law. During his campaign, President Obama pledged to sign FOCA as one of his first acts in office. It's uncertain whether the votes are there in Congress to pass FOCA.

Most legal experts agree that FOCA would repeal almost all state restrictions on abortion. Reasonable regulations like parental consent and informed consent laws would be eliminated. FOCA would override the religious freedom of health care providers who choose not to participate in abortion and would require the government to fund abortions with your tax dollars. If FOCA passes, we expect numerous legal challenges because it is probably not a legal exercise of federal power.

Stopping FOCA will require the prayers and action of millions of Americans. Learn more about FOCA at Americans United for Life Family Research Council and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Take time to participate in the National Pro-Life Postcard Campaign to Congress.

Jane Roe Knows: Abortion Hurts Women Check out this ad that has been airing on television with Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of the U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion. Norma has come to know Christ and the truth about the value of human life, and her testimony is powerful.

Sinking Sand of Gambling Revenue. In a desperate move to increase state tax revenue, some legislators are talking about expanding casinos beyond Indian reservations to racetracks. Not so fast. As the Arizona Republic reported yesterday, the combined state revenue from Indian casinos was down 16% in the 4 quarter of 2008, marking the fourth straight quarterly decline. The Republic got it right: these statistics smash the myth that gambling is somehow recession proof. Social science data repeatedly shows the harms of gambling and the devastating consequences to families. Gambling expansion is no way to protect and defend Arizona families. Nor is it a reliable means to address deficits.

Save These Dates! Next week, CAP will open registration for three upcoming events.

February 21: Make Your Voice Count, a seminar on how to lobby your elected officials with U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Senate President Bob Burns, and House Speaker Kirk Adams.

February 28: Truth Project Training, a morning event to equip individuals to be small group leaders for The Truth Project, a DVD-based biblical worldview curriculum.

March 6: Tucson CAP Briefing, a luncheon to bring you the latest news from CAP and the State Capitol.

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