Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beyond Illegal Immigration: An Agenda for the GOP

County Attorney Andrew Thomas has an op-ed in the East Valley Tribune today listing issues other than illegal immigration the GOP should focus on. Here is a summary of that agenda:

Public safety, which includes border security and protection from the drug cartels, which have gotten immeasurably worse over the past few years especially along our southwest border.

Free but fair markets, which includes not ignoring CEOs of failed corporations who give themselves huge bonuses, and banks who cannot back up their loans.

Education - we should permit school choice and universities should be havens of free thought, not political correctness.

Environment - there needs to be a balance between preserving and protecting our environment and encroaching upon the rights of private property owners.

True Equality is not achieved with racial preferences.

No tolerance for public corruption. Theodore Roosevelt once lamented that when he was New York City Police Commissioner, not one politician nor newspaper in the state liked him, because he followed through with public corruption investigations.

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