Saturday, February 7, 2009

CAP: Tucson Planned Parenthood ignores age of 15-year old asking for abortion

Do You Know Roe?

Do You Know Roe? Our work to protect life and stop abortion begins with knowledge of the Supreme Court Roe decision legalizing abortion. Test your knowledge by taking an online quiz designed to measure whether America really knows Roe. Challenge your friends to take the Roe test. I think you'll be surprised by the results.

Planned Parenthood Cover-Up.

Once again, Planned Parenthood has shown its true colors. Watch this new video that shows UCLA student Lila Rose and her friend Jackie Stollar telling Planned Parenthood Stollar is a 15 year-old impregnated by her 27-year-old boyfriend. The Planned Parenthood employee ignores the age difference, counseling Stollar to not bring her boyfriend to the court hearing when Stollar seeks a court-ordered abortion. Planned Parenthood clearly violates Arizona law that requires statutory rape to be reported to law enforcement. The video is the third released in a national undercover probe called the "Mona Lisa Project." The question now is whether Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall or Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard will enforce the law or let Planned Parenthood get away with breaking the law.

Super Bowl Shock for Tucson Families.

During the Super Bowl broadcast last Sunday, many Tucson families experienced a terrible shock when the broadcast was interrupted with a pornographic video. This incident is outrageous and despicable. If your family was affected, you can file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission and complain to Comcast cable company. Comcast is offering a $10 credit to affected customers.

Arizona Legislative Update.

We're posting almost daily news items and commentaries on our blog. Be sure and bookmark the link and check back frequently or subscribe to the RSS feed so you receive the updated automatically. Yesterday, CAP Legal Counsel Deborah Sheasby worked with House Transportation Committee members to secure an amendment to a bill that will further facilitate the Choose Life license plates. Next week, we'll be releasing our 2009 legislative agenda. Stay tuned.

A Challenge for Washington.

Pastor John Piper recently issued a powerful challenge to President Barack Obama about abortion that I would encourage you to watch. At CAP, we're keeping focused almost exclusively on state issues. To keep up to date on the latest from President Obama and Washington, sign up for updates from our national allies, Focus on the Family's Citizen Link and Family Research Council.

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