Friday, October 17, 2008

Tim Nelson Wields Frying Pan on County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Ends Up With Egg on Face

Thomas Wants Nelson to Disclose Role in Illegal Democratic Party Activity

Whoops. In an attempt to pile on a State Democratic Party complaint against the State GOP earlier today, ACLU lawyer and Maricopa County Attorney candidate Tim Nelson was either oblivious to the fact or failed to disclose that his own County Democratic Party is the only one that has been fined this election cycle. And for the exact same things Nelson is now accusing the State GOP of doing.
Earlier this year the Maricopa County Democratic Party was fined by the Maricopa County Elections Department for earmarking funds targeting Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas.
The party effort was found guilty of campaign law violations after soliciting money specifically targeting Arpaio and Thomas.
“I’m not sure if Nelson is clueless or dishonest. The only thing we know for sure at this point about him is that Nelson has fought the death penalty, is soft on illegal immigration and has received a record amount of contributions from lawyers for Valley criminals,” Thomas said.
“We had zero involvement in the efforts by the Arizona Republican Party. Can Nelson say the same thing about his role in the illegal activity of his county party?” Thomas asked.
Thomas has been endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Border Patrol Agent’s Association and former Democratic nominee for Arizona Attorney General Georgia Staton.

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