Saturday, October 4, 2008

New study: Illegal immigrants commit more felonies of all kinds than U.S. average

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office (MCAO) has released a groundbreaking one of a kind fascinating expose on the correlation between illegal immigrants and felonies. Thanks to cooperation from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office tracking illegal immigrants as they are arrested and jailed, and the voters of Arizona for passing laws like no bail for illegal immigrants accused of serious crimes (Prop. 100), MCAO was able to track the correlation with precision. Page 6 of the study provides a chart listing the various types of felonies and the percentage committed by illegal immigrants. For example, although illegal immigrants make up around 9% of Arizona's population, according to average estimates, they commit 20.3% of aggravated DUIs. The crimes that overlap with illegal immigration are obviously much higher, such as 50% of chop shops, 96% of smuggling, and 20.7% any crime with a weapon. Some think the higher crime rates are due to the fact that illegal immigrants tend to be young males, and young males generally commit more crimes than other demographics in the population. Click here for the original press release.

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