Monday, November 7, 2011

Support Russell Pearce tonight and on election day with signs!

Fellow Patriots,

With only two days left before the Recall Election, I would ask of you to help us cross the finish line strong. Senator Pearce is facing an onslaught of Liberals and Socialists like Randy Parraz, SEIU Union, AFL-CIO Union, ACORN, and many others. We must do all we can to neutralize these attacks.

*Some of the Pearce Supporters are meeting TONIGHT at 5pm with signs supporting Pearce on the corner of Southern and Stapley in Mesa, Arizona. Just make your own poster or take your Pearce yard sign to hold in front of traffic for an hour or two.

It will take everything we have in the last stretch of the race. The most important thing we can do now is to call everybody we know in district 18 and make sure they are going to vote. We can also obtain a list of people in district 18 that Senator Pearce needs us to call right from home. This list along with a script can be obtained by writing to David Khyl at

You can also help at one of the voting locations this Tuesday. They will have shifts available at the various locations. To help for a couple of hours please contact Jan at

Here is a list of all Voting Locations in Mesa District 18:

We know that it doesn't matter how you start the race but it is how you finish. Winston Churchill helped save England in World War 2 with that powerful phrase," Never, Never, Never give up."

Randy Hatch

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