Friday, November 4, 2011

91-year old war hero prohibited from participating in Veterans Day Parade because he's behind in HOA fees

Another HOA out of control! This is outrageous! The veteran is NINETY-ONE years old, for crying out loud, to deny him the opportunity to march in a veteran's parade because he's behind in HOA dues perfectly represents why HOAs should be abolished. Thanks to the West Valley View for exposing this.

JOE BONAVIRE, 91, WHO SERVED IN THE NAVY in World War II and the Korean War, was originally invited to participate in PebbleCreek’s Veterans Day parade. However, later he was told he couldn’t be in the parade because he owes HOA fees.

West Valley View
11/4/2011 12:00:00 AM
By Brent Whiting

A homeowners association in Goodyear has blocked a 91-year-old veteran from participating in a Veterans Day parade to be held there Nov. 11.

The reason offered is because Joe Bonavire, a Navy veteran who fought in World War II and the Korean conflict, is delinquent on his HOA dues.

Bonavire, who lives in Goodyear's PebbleCreek community, said he is angry about what he considers an insult to him and other war veterans.

"If a veteran is behind on some of his payments, does that make him less of a veteran?" Bonavire asked. "Did he not fight for his country? And when you say that we honor our veterans on Veterans Day, does that mean that we honor only the veterans who are financially sound?"

Bonavire readily admitted that he was behind on his dues to the PebbleCreek Community Homeowners Association, but argued that should not have disqualified him from riding on a float during a Veterans Day parade.

"If you are a veteran in good financial standing, the homeowners association will honor you," he said. "If you are not, you will not be honored on its floats."

Bonavire said he has since paid more than $1,800 to the HOA, clearing his delinquency, but insisted he would rather fight World War II again than accept another invitation to ride on a float.

Bonavire, a seven-year Navy veteran, proudly displays the medals he earned for his war efforts, including participation in the Iwo Jima and Okinawa campaigns in the Pacific Ocean during World War II.

However, he said nobody asked him about his finances when he joined the Navy and fought for his country.

Jerry Younker, a board member of the PebbleCreek HOA, said the flap involving Bonavire "has nothing to do with showing respect for veterans."

Instead, it's strictly a matter of following the agreed-upon rules involving all PebbleCreek residents, including the timely payment of annual HOA dues, Younker said.

In addition, Younker said that despite Bonavire's claim to the contrary, he is still delinquent on his HOA dues.

"From the HOA's position, he is delinquent on his dues and his privileges as a member of the association have been suspended," Younker said. "That includes the ability to use the recreation facilities and to use the common areas."

Younker, who described himself as an Army veteran, said the decision has nothing to do with military service, but in following the financial responsibilities imposed upon the HOA board.

"We have a serious responsibility to enforce the rules," Younker said. "These rules are something every homeowner has signed and accepted."

Ron Albrand, commander of the American Legion Crandall-Palmer Post 61 in Avondale, said he takes strong exception to the HOA's position.

"It upsets me to hear something like this," Albrand said. "Apparently, the sacrifices that he [Bonavire] made don't mean much to the HOA."

Maybe the PebbleCreek board should re-evaulate its policies, he said.

"Why couldn't something have been worked out with him?" Albrand asked. "Right now, it is tough times for everybody, not only veterans."

The PebbleCreek parade is scheduled to start at 9:50 a.m. Nov. 11 from Clubhouse Drive and Sarival Avenue in the Tuscany Falls Country Club.

It will proceed northeast on Clubhouse Drive across PebbleCreek Parkway and end at the Eagles Nest Country Club.

Parade highlights will include the Arizona State University and three high school marching bands and a flyover of jets from Luke Air Force Base.

Bonavire said that in August, he accepted an invitation from Carolyn Rota, a PebbleCreek resident and parade organizer, to ride on a float as a representative of Navy veterans who served during World War II.

Later, a tearful Rota stopped by his home and canceled the invitation, citing the HOA dues issue as the reason.

"I say shame," Bonaire told the View on Wednesday during an interview at his home. "It seems to me there is a big flaw in the HOA's so-called patriotism."

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Sue said...

I am the president of my HOA and I can tell you we have a lot of homeowners who are behind on the HOA dues. But I would never agree to block anyone from participating in any activity we hold in our HOA. This is just unnaceptable for an HOA. Especially to a 91 year old war hero. Shame on Pepple Creek. I hope no one shows up at their parade!

Lee S Darryl P LeShane said...

I called the HOA and was basically LAUGHED AT.. I also called Fox 10 and Fox News national and KTAR.

Michael leShane Hudgens

Theresa Chaze said...

I live in Northern Michigan. Several times people from down state moved in the sub and tried to start an association. They were told to Fuck off. When you give small minded, petty people who don't have lives of their own this is what you get.

Joe Bonavire--thank you for your service.

Robert W. Lobsinger said...

The way we treat our veterans is not lost upon the younger generation from which our future volunteer military will come.