Friday, November 18, 2011

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona: Bankruptcy is actually a good deal

I am a bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona ($995/Chapter 7) and have observed that most people hear the word "bankruptcy" and think of it as something terrible, that will involve losing many of their assets and leave them with a devastating credit score that will affect their ability to do everything from lease to obtaining new credit.

The truth? Almost almost all of my clients are able to keep EVERYTHING they own when they file Chapter 7. The bankruptcy code protects a certain level of property - your home, car, home furnishings, pension, etc. As long as you are not wealthy, you will very likely end up keeping everything.

A year after filing bankruptcy, most clients' credit scores actually INCREASE by 100 points. The reason is all the bad debt is removed from their credit reports, and replaced by just one bankruptcy. After filing for bankruptcy, my clients start receiving offers of credit in the mail immediately. They may not have great interest rates, but they will improve.

Finally, most people will never know that you filed for bankruptcy. Other than the creditors you owe money to, it is not something that is published. Most people don't have a login to look up your bankruptcy in federal court records. Unless you're planning on becoming really famous or running for political office, there is very little chance anyone will ever know.

The Alexander Bankruptcy Law Firm provides low low cost Chapter 7 and 13 personal bankruptcies. $995 Chapter 7 or $2500 Chapter 13 bankruptcies plus court filing fee. Free consultation with a compassionate attorney who will handle your case personally. Call 24/7, available to meet with you around your schedule. 602-326-9116. Conveniently located in Central Phoenix along the Camelback corridor.

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