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Pamela Geller speaks to 500 strong! Sheriff Joe coming on Nov. 29th!

Red Mountain Patriots
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 East Valley High School, 7420 E. Main St., Mesa, Arizona 85207
Tuesday, November 8:    Michael Ligon  (10 Years working at the Douglas, Az. Port of Entry)
Tuesday, November 15:  Pamela Geller (National Leader and Author.  Leader to stop the GROUND ZERO MOSQUE in New York and also STOP SHARIA LAW in America.)
Tuesday, November 22:  NO Meeting  (Happy Thanksgiving)
Tuesday, November 29:  Sheriff Joe Arpaio (America's Toughest Sheriff)
No Meeting
this coming Tuesday, November 22!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Don't miss our guest speaker on Tuesday, November 29, at 7:00pm!
The Toughest Sheriff in America!
Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

Sheriff Joe is still standing strong at the O.K. Corral. 
We are going to find out what his plans are for election year 2012.
7:00pm to 8:35pm
(Pamela Geller will take the stage at about 7:20pm)
East Valley High School
7420 E. Main St.
Mesa, Arizona  85207
(NE Corner of Main St. and 74th, East of Power Rd.)
Last Tuesday night, our guest speaker Pamela Geller from New York, provided an educational and entertaining night. 
The stories about Sharia Law and the Ground Zero Mosque were shocking and here are meeting notes:

By  Bill Sandry on 11-15-11

The meeting in the packed house of over 500 people in attendance began with a 10 man Color Guard, the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem and a Medley of songs for each branch of the military. A service member from each branch was in attendance, including the Merchant Marines. The moderator and host, Randy Hatch made a few remarks on the importance of preserving the Constitution, states rights and providing border security before introducing the guest speaker from New York, Ms. Pamela Geller.

Ms. Geller is a nationally known author and speaker who has appeared on all the national TV networks and many radio talk shows from Sean Hannity to Mike Huckabee for leading the battle against the GROUND ZERO MOSQUE.   After thanking the veterans for their service and saluting the audience for being concerned enough to come out, she launched like a torpedo into Shari law and a detailed description on the imposition of Islamic principles on our country.  "There's no way I'll fit everything into the time for this meeting" she said.

A few benchmarks of her persuasive presentation were "Truth is the definition of reality" it is the "new age speak" - "Speaking the truth is a radical act."; "The media is the enemy.  It is the largest weapon for our adversaries"; we are in a new type of "guerilla war" (9-11 proved that) and each of us, like those in the World Trade Center, have become citizen soldiers to defend our country in this war and never, never, never, never ever give up or withdraw. 
She had numerous astute observations about media activities and predicted that they are trying to, and may well pick the Republican nominee by their coverage of the candidates. The media has a track record of ignoring and not reporting the Islamification of America.  She forcefully pointed out that this is not about religions.  There are practicing Muslims that follow their faith but that is different from the Islamic doctrine that mandates the elimination of infidels, the practice of "diminitude" (the control of non-Muslims) and the mandatory compliance with Sharia Law.  Unlike Christianity or Judaism, which are voluntary, Sharia is mandatory.  She said "The Bible is descriptive, the Quran is prescriptive (as in to prescribe) - chew on that!"

She gave examples of the use of our court system to gradually impose Sharia law all across our country, but the media does not report it.  Islamists have gone so far as to print a manual on how to use our court system to suppress our freedoms in favor of imposing Sharia Law. For example, the only math teacher in a public school wanted a month off, during school, to go to Mecca.  The school denied her leave and Eric Holder sued the school system for her.  She won and the school had to recognize her obligation under Sharia, give her the month off and pay her $75.000.00 in damages.  Another of her many examples was the court imposition of Sharia law on the Disney Corporation by ordering them to accommodate the Sharia dress code for employees at their amusement parks.  Compare this to Eric Holder's dismissal of the case against the convicted Black Panther Muslims for intimidating voters at the polls. Wal-Mart and Target have also felt their judicial imposition of Sharia law on their businesses.

Pamela is making a heartfelt effort by trying to reopen a trial regarding the death of a 9 year old Muslim girl in Florida.  The law enforcement there didn't want any trouble with the Muslim community and ruled that the girl killed herself by repeatedly beating her head on the coffee table. Physicians testified this is physically impossible. Eric Holder is regularly dismissing government 
suits against Muslims.  Do you read that in the papers? The Dearborn Michigan police were caught covering up evidence because they "didn't want to offend the Muslim community."

The question came up about whether or not Obama is a closet Muslim.  Pamela pointed out that he was born to a Muslim father and under their faith the son is by Sharia law a Muslim.  He studied the Quran from grades 6 to 12 in school. "What do you think" she said.  The important point isn't whether he is Muslim.  The important point is if he were - what would he have done differently?  NOTHING!   Instead of attacking the Islamists that have attacked us and are obligated to kill us, he overthrows one of the very few allies in the Middle East, Mubarak.  

What national interest do we have in Libya? Those countries, Egypt and Libya with Tunisia are already to a great degree under the control of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama has co-sponsored a measure in the UN with Egypt that will restrict free speech in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt so that those countries will be recognized under Sharia Law.  Where did the munitions and hundreds anti-aircraft missiles in Libya go?   Obama stopped enhanced interrogations calling them torture, but he has will ordered the killing of those Muslims, like Anwar Al-awlaki that might prove to be politically embarrassing for him. He makes good with our enemies and alienates our allies like Israel.  

In short, she said if Obama gets re-elected it will be criminal negligence by the media in covering up for Obama both before and during his term in office.  "Don't back down!" and "We are the new media" brought another loud rousing applause from the audience.

She closed by saying we should wake up every day and ask "What am I going to do today to save the Republic?"  It is up to us and we can do it!  There will never be another America and so we must do all we can to save her.  It certainly was a stimulating and eye opening evening. 
You can learn more from her book    Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance (available at Amazon) or from her web site  She posted a short piece on the Red Mountain Tea Party meeting with photos (including the Color Guard) on her sight.  You have to scroll about three fourths of the way down to find it.  
Pamela Geller has two best selling books that were available at the meeting but we sold out quickly.  We will have more available at our next meeting
on November 29th!  
The Books are:
1. Stop the Islamization of America!

2.  The Post American Presidency!

Support Russell Pearce by attending
a Potluck Social on Saturday night at 7pm!
Here are the details:
Date:   Saturday, November 19th 
Time:   7pm to 10pm
Where: 5345 E. McLellan #103
Alta Mesa Estates
Gate:    #1961
Bring:    Favorite Pot Luck dish
Dress:   Bring a Jacket for Backyard
Foster Parents are forced to join
the SEIU Union and pay monthly dues.  The union in turn takes that money and uses it for liberal politicians and their campaigns.  This keeps the liberal unions and liberal politicians in business!
Mich. Family Forced to Pay Union Dues to Care for Kids [FOX 11-10-2011]
Mich. Family Forced to Pay Union Dues to Care for Kids [FOX 11-10-2011]
Learn exactly how LOBBYISTS control what goes on in Washington D.C..  This is one reason for so much corruption
in Washington D.C.! 

Jack Abramoff: The lobbyist's playbook
Jack Abramoff: The lobbyist's playbook
Federal Government trys the tactic of smearing the Fast and Furious whistleblowers to save their own skin!
This is shameful!

Should AG Eric Holder Resign Over 'Fast & Furious?'
Should AG Eric Holder Resign Over 'Fast & Furious?'

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Meeting Schedule for November 2011
 East Valley High School
from 7:00pm until 8:35pm
(Located at 7420 E. Main in Retail Plaza)
Guest Speakers usually begin speaking at about 7:35pm.
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Representatives Panel
 Reps:  Justin Pierce, Justin Olson, Cecil Ash and Steve Court

Tuesday November 8, 2011
Michael Ligon
(10 Years Border Agent in Douglas Port of Entry & Author)

Tuesday November 15, 2011
National Author & Leader Pamela Geller
(Leader against Sharia Law in America and led the Battle against the Ground Zero Mosque)

Tuesday November 22, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving 

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
(America's Toughest Sheriff) 

Meeting Policies:
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in these matters.  Any person who does not comply with the following will be asked to leave the meeting!

We ask you to turn your cellphone and other computer devices off when entering the building.  No food or beverage is allowed in the building except for the water that we offer.  No smoking is allowed in the building or on the sidewalk in the front.  No advertising or other written materials are allowed inside except for that which has been authorized in advance of the meeting.  No video-recording is allowed except that which is done by the Red Mountain Tea Party.  No Media are allowed unless they have been approved ahead of time.  No pets are allowed inside the building.  We expect all guests and speakers to be treated with respect.  The Chairman will have final decision on these matters.

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