Monday, August 23, 2010

The True Colors of John McCain

Even the left realizes he's a fake. From

Dear Senator McCain,
Who are you? Do you even know any more?
You recently told a reporter you've always done whatever's necessary to win, and judging from your changing colors, I'm beginning to conclude you're a chameleon.
If you win re-election in November, will you still stand with your new friends on the far right, or will you discard them as quickly as you abandoned your previous base of independent supporters?
I'm disappointed in you. I've always admired and respected you. I liked your self-proclaimed "maverick" style and willingness to go against your party to stand up for what you believed. You were feisty, fiery, and never failed to surprise.
Now I'm wondering where that man went, or if he ever existed at all. During the primary campaign (your first with a legitimate opponent since 1982), you have gone off the rails, even going so far as to renounce your trademark maverick persona.
You were once a tolerant voice of reason on immigration. You co-sponsored a bold, bipartisan immigration reform bill with the late Senator Ted Kennedy in 2005. Today, you've turned your back on immigrants and demand a completion of "the danged fence."
You once supported climate change legislation, yet now oppose it.
You once stated that if the military recommended it was time to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," you would agree. Today, the military's top brass support such a repeal, but suddenly you're against it.
All this running scared and flip-flopping, just because you face an extreme right wing challenger from your own party? How cliché.
You're right - you're not a maverick. You're just another run of the mill, garden variety politician, who will do anything or say anything to win. You said so yourself.
Lesleyann Coker

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