Friday, August 6, 2010

McCain campaign calls JD Hayworth a "pig" AGAIN v. McCain defended Obama from namecalling

The double standard is incredible. McCain's press spokesperson Brian Rogers has called JD Hayworth a "pig" again, just a couple of weeks after McCain himself called JD a pig, saying JD rolls around in mud!

This is in direct contrast to the way McCain ran against liberal Democrat Barack Obama. He couldn't speak fast enough to DENOUNCE a fellow Republican who referred to Obama by  - get this - his full name!
McCain has said before that Obama is no one we should be afraid of.

We know who McCain views as worse between Obama and conservative JD Hayworth - JD.

From McCain's spokesman Brian Rogers today:

"With his latest TV ad, Congressman Hayworth shows all of Arizona how much he enjoys rolling around in the mud and muck of blatantly false character attacks. Even Congressman Hayworth's fellow infomercial pitchmen would be disappointed with his utter disregard for the truth.
... "Let's be clear: Congressman Hayworth is going to lose this election. It's embarrassing that he's going down with such little dignity.
"As Senator McCain has said about Congressman Hayworth, 'Never get into a wrestling match with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.'

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