Friday, August 6, 2010

Romley the RINO letting Facebook site bash Brewer

Special from Eliot Ness

After his continuous self-declarations of being a true Republican, Romley is permitting his Facebook page to be used for bashing fellow Republicans, specifically Jan Brewer. Click on the link to view a few of the choice posts:


I voted republican in the primary just to vote for you; however, I don't think I can vote on the election time because I prefer Goddard for Governor instead of Brewer. That women is racist

Jan Brewer is using SB 1070 to save her ((( JOB ))). Brewer is doing noting to bring JOBS to the citizens of ARIZONA. We need JOBS. SB 1070 doesnt secure the border it only brings HATE and it secures BREWERS JOB.

I do not understand why jan brewer wants sb1070 to stop crime but signed a law for anyone to have guns, wants to sell more weapons to Mexico?

Way to be a team player!

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