Thursday, August 12, 2010

National Tea Party Group Heeds The Call To Retire John McCain

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ALIPAC is pleased to share the news with the national media, that our over 36,000 supporters and the participants of Tea Party Against Amnesty, which is one of America's largest national Tea Party organizations has come to the aid of JD Hayworth, against US Senator John McCain.

Tonight, Tea Party Nation sent out the following e-mail blast from their leader Judson Phillips.   This announcement helps consolidate the Tea Party movement support of JD Hayworth against John McCain.   Hayworth can now fully be consider the "Tea Party Candidate" in Arizona's GOP Primary to be decided on August 24, 2010.

ALIPAC would like to commend Mr. Phillips and Tea Party Nation for heeding the call from Tea Party grass roots activists to oust Amnesty supporter John McCain.  ALIPAC would also like to encourage all Arizona voters to imagine what life will be like, if John McCain succeeds in his plan to turn over 12 million illegal aliens into a new voting block in American politics and replacing the influence of the existing GOP base.

Here is the message from Tea Party Nation.


A message to all members of Tea Party Nation

"We, at Tea Party Nation have been watching developments in the Arizona Senatorial race with great consternation. We find it now necessary to speak out in this matter, largely because of our long-standing position of non Interference with the will of in-State Tea Party Groups. Our tens of thousands of members will be silent no longer!

We have been observing elements of the media and some political groups involved in highly unethical practices! These would include, but not be limited to:

·                The local media not announcing the support/ endorsements from 16 TEA Parties for Hayworth.

·                Creation of  "false" candidates, for the purposes of splitting opposition to the Incumbent candidate.

·                False statements, denigrating the legal rights of Tea Parties to endorse political candidates.

These problems of censorship and misinformation are widespread and pervasive, even including planted attackers within the various Tea Party groups. We had been infiltrated as well.

Tea Party Nation stands with the Tea Party groups of Arizona! We question and yes, even condemn those who denigrate, silence, and smear the  faithful conservative citizens of the Arizona Tea Parties. This seems to be just another example of those in power attempting to silence the will of the people! Not so unlike Pelosi, Reid and Obama, is it?

Tea Parties of Arizona, Speak Louder! You must be heard in every corner of Arizona....of America! We stand behind you in your efforts!

On a personal note, I would like to take the time to personally endorse J.D. Hayworth.  John McCain is the worst of the RINOs and simply must go.  While Tea Party Nation does not endorse as a group, it's members, including me, are free to do so.  I strongly encourage everyone in the Tea Party movement in Arizona to make a last minute push so that John McCain is retired!

Finally, we would like to know what you, the members of Tea Party Nation think of our policy of not endorsing candidates.  Is this a good policy or do you want to see it changed?"

Judson Phillips

Tea Party Nation.


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC would like to encourage all Americans to follow the call of groups like ALIPAC and Tea Party nation to contribute to, volunteer for, and vote for JD Hayworth.  To offer more support to JD's campaign or to offer the support of your group please contact them via

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