Tuesday, August 17, 2010

JD Hayworth will be the finest US Senator from Arizona in our era

Great article from Jim Kelley in the Tucson Citizen -

I like JD Hayworth. He is a very personable man, friendly and very easy to talk to. From day one, he has been gracious to me. He was the first national candidate to grant me an interview and he let me in. He let me in to see inside the heart of a lion that has had a tremendous journey to where he is now. He allowed me to see the mistakes he has made and more importantly he allowed me to see the process by which he has corrected and made the amends necessary to move forward.

JD Hayworth is exactly the same candidate today that started in February. He had laid out his platform, his strategy and his execution and he has not wavered. He illustrated Senator John McCain’s record and his legislative behavior and offered his solution and the history of his own record to back up every single assertion he has ever made. JD Hayworth is an honest man and a politician with integrity. It is an integrity that has been tempered in the fires of Washington DC and in a primary in Arizona as hot as the Sonora Desert itself.

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