Thursday, August 26, 2010

Goldwater Institute Weekly Update

Is the Federal Health Care Bill Thwarting Job Creation?
As employers wait to see how much the federal health care bill will cost them, many are putting off hiring new employees and expanding their businesses.
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The Goldwater Institute has taken off the kid gloves and is ready for a fight as it goes up against the federal health care bill. We filed a lawsuit in federal court arguing, among other things, that the bill stomps on First Amendment rights, violates the separation of powers, and perverts the commerce clause. Read more here. Do you want to help us stop the federal health care bill? Click here.
Why Goldwater's Lawsuit Against "Matching Funds" is so Important
Last week the Goldwater Institute formally appealed the U.S. Supreme Court to hear our case against the matching funds portion of the Clean Elections law. Ending matching funds once and for all is important to the free speech rights of privately-funded candidates running for office. But the Goldwater Institute's Nick Dranias says allowing matching funds to be left in place would also set a dangerous precedent that could ultimately harm everyone's free speech rights. Read more here.
ASU Administration Keeps Growing, and Growing, and...
Goldwater Institute Senior Fellow Jay Greene appeared on KTVK Channel 3 to talk about his new study, "Administrative Bloat at American Universities", which found ASU to be one of the most bloated universities in the nation. Watch it here.
From Other Pens
What happens to higher education when the seesaw is tipped in administrators’ favor? The National Association of Scholars looked at Goldwater's study on Administrative Bloat at American Universities and identified five consequences of too much bureaucracy. Read it here.
A Flagstaff voter was asked to change her Tea Party shirt or cover it up when the poll workers decided it constituted electioneering. But the Goldwater Institute believes her rights were violated, because her local Tea Party group is not a political party or organization, and does not endorse candidates or issues. Read it here.

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