Friday, August 20, 2010

East Valley Tea Party Straw Poll: Big wins for JD Hayworth, Andrew Thomas, David Schweikert & Bill Montgomery

In an August 17th poll of the East Valley Tea Party, conservatives won handily. JD Hayworth trounced McCain 60-3 (Deakin got 7 votes), Andrew Thomas trounced Tom Horne 53-19, David Schweikert easily beat his next closest opponent Salvino 26-19, and Bill Montgomery clobbered Rick Romley 64-4.

East Valley Tea Party Straw Poll 8-17-10

JD Hayworth____60______________ State Senator
Jim Deakin_______7_____________ LD18
John McCain_____3____________ RussellPearce_____32___ __
U.S Representative LD19
CD 5 JamesMolina______41___ ___
David Schwiekert_____26__________ Rich Crandall ____12________
Chris Salvino___ __ 19__________
Susan Bitter Smith____1___________ LD22
Jim Ward____ _____ _7______ ___ Andy Biggs______36_________
Lee Gentry_____________________
Mark Spinks____________________
State Representative
CD 6 LD18
Jeff Smith________60___________ Steve Court______17________
Jeff Flake_______ 7_____________ Cecil Ash________24_________
Governor LD19
Matthew Jette___________________ Justin Olson_____17__________
Jan Brewer________66____________ Kirk Adams_____15__________
Buz Mills__________1___________ Scott Perkinson___10_________
State Treasurer LD 22
Thayer Verschoor____49__________ Eddie Farnsworth____30_______
Barbara Leff_________6__________ Laurin Hendrix______9________
Doug Ducey_________9__________ Paul Howell_________________
Ted Carpenter________1__________ Brett Petillo________12_______
Kelly Townsend_____4________
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Margaret Dugan______32__________ County Attorney
John Huppenthal______35__________ Bill Montgomery____64______
Rick Romley________4_______
Secretary of State
Ken Bennet________24____________ Attorney General
Andrew Thomas_____53______
Tom Horne_________19______
Corporation Commissioner
Brenda Burns______52_____________
Gary Pierce________57____________
Barry Wong________6______________

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Lisa Krempasky said...

I'm tired of people bashing tea parties. The attendees are not doing anything at all that is wrong. Their view is no more invalid than those who do not attend. This is America for goodness sakes. Let people view the views and let the best view win.