Friday, August 20, 2010

Help David Schweikert raise $5000 by 5pm tonight!

Congressman Mitchell is already up to his old tricks.
Busloads of union field operatives, stealing signs, and rummaging through our garbage cans.
Their war chest is a laundry list of the most extreme liberal organizations in the country. They want higher taxes and even more government control of our individual lives.
They are clearly scared - - they know the tide is against them, and they can’t hide from the mess they’ve made across the country.
Yesterday, we raised $2,500 in less than 3 hours. Can we double that success today?
Our battle plan and our conservative agenda will retire Congressman Mitchell.
But you must act now so that we can continue this fight.
You and I have watched with disappointment as this government lurched to the left, time and time again. Arm-in-arm, Congressman Mitchell and Nancy Pelosi’s failed policies are crippling our economy.
These out of control politicians must be stopped. They have ignored the wishes of the American people, and it is our job to stop them.
We can save our country - - that starts right now. Please make a contribution of $50 or more today, and we will defeat the entrenched liberal establishment.  We must raise $5,000 by 5:00 tonight.
Our grassroots momentum is stronger than ever.
That is all thanks to your support.

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