Saturday, August 21, 2010

To J.D. Hayworth, Accountability Matters

Million Dollar Drive Thermometer

It's Time to Hold McCain Accountable!

Thursday, August 19th, J.D. Hayworth announced his Victory Drive in Five: A fund raising campaign to raise $50,000 in five days, giving J.D.'s television and radio advertisements a final push over the last weekend of the primary.  Your contribution will bring triumph in these final days of the primary!   

McCain, the one time champion of campaign finance reform, has proven himself hypocritical as he has spends $20 million, a large amount from his 2008 failed presidential run, on this campaign; doing his best to buy the votes of Arizonans by smearing J.D. instead of running on his own record.  But we know the voters can't be bought, they want to hear from people they trust.   

This week, on the radio, John McCain told the Nearly Famous Barry Young Show,  "We're all accountable for things we do... I've done things wrong and I hope that I'm being held accountable."  Yet we know he has continually failed to answer why our values are missing from his voting record.  Help hold Mr. McCain accountable by donating TODAY to J.D.'s Victory Drive in Five   Million Dollar Drive Thermometer

You can hear McCain's own words in J.D.'s new web ad by clicking HERE

J.D. has committed to be the United State's Senator who represents your values.  Because of his commitment, local groups and national voices have endorsed J.D. because they know he has a proven conservative record.

Nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin said of J.D., "Let me put my marker down right now for J.D.  It wasn't even a hard decision... McCain is not a solid conservative... You want to send a signal that will be heard all over the world? Elect J.D. and defeat John McCain."

Jim Kelly, popular southern Arizona blogger and journalist, endorsed J.D. writing, "J.D. Hayworth is an honest man and a politician with integrity... He won't abandon our party the minute he is sworn in.   If you want a thorn in the side of the Democrats and the president, we must send J.D. Hayworth to the US Senate."

Gun Owners of America, a national Second Amendment watchdog group, said, "J.D. respects the Constitution and understands that the Second Amendment was put there by the Founding Fathers to always ensure that the people would have the means to preserve their liberty."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has endorsed J.D. for "his willingness to go to Washington and enforce immigration law, and his strong support of SB 1070."  Sheriff Joe knows that J.D. will work to secure our borders because border security is national security.

This Tuesday hold McCain accountable.  Forward this email, share J.D.'s message with your friends.

Contribute TODAY online
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J.D. Hayworth 2010, Inc.
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P.S. Time is of the essence.  The election is less than 3 days from now!  A contribution of any amount allows J.D. to run more ads more often so we can hold  McCain accountable in the Arizona Republican Primary!

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