Friday, March 13, 2009

Scandal ridden ACORN and other pro-criminal groups, attack America’s best law enforcer


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Criminal Lovers Attack Law Enforcement - Fight Back

Mention Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and one thing comes to mind, America’s toughest sheriff. Adored by those who believe in the rule of law, and despised by those for whom legality is a major inconvenience, Joe Arpaio often finds himself a lightning rod for abuse. On Tuesday, things took a major turn for the worse when the United States Justice Department announced that it would investigate Sheriff Joe for discriminatory practices.

One thing is clear; illegal entry into the United States is a criminal offense that carries defined penalties. Every law enforcement officer is duty bound to enforce the law. In law enforcement, you take an oath of office, and you don’t get to pick and choose which laws to enforce. That is what courts adjudicate. Apparently, the new crowd at Justice does not see it that way. They are seemingly siding with this street rabble, who have threatened the Sheriff, whined incessantly about the fact that he is doing his job correctly and efficiently, and in general, have made a nuisance of themselves supporting law breaking over law enforcement.

ACORN is especially egregious. All over the country, this crowd repeatedly finds itself embroiled in behavior that is at the minimum, offensive, and at the maximum, clearly criminal. Despite that, the new administration and Congress have seen fit to fund this street mob with billions of taxpayer dollars. Overburdened with tax cheats, incompetents and suspicious proximity to drug use (the new federal drug czar’s son has been repeatedly jailed on drug charges), the current leaders of our country are quick to make trouble for anyone who plays by the rules. The Chicago mob in the 30s did not like Elliot Ness. The 21st century mob has similar sentiments toward Sheriff Joe and his hard working deputies.

An organizer for one of the groups railing against Arpaio, the so-called Maricopa Citizens for Safety and Accountability, is Randy Parraz who said, Wednesday: "This is a short-term victory. Our work is not done. We have to continue to apply the pressure from the bottom up.” For once, C O M M O N S E N S E can agree. The anti-Arpaio crowd is indeed working from the bottom up.

An Arpaio supporter, who would only say she is a "U.S. citizen said about Sheriff Joe: "He is the only one who upholds the law," "I believe in the law; if you don't believe in the law, change it." That makes sense, and until the laws are changed and we give up our country to make it legal to walk across our border without papers or permission, police agencies have no choice. They must protect us from the invaders, arrest these criminals and incarcerate them at our expense. Society pays an enormous price for the damage that illegals do. From murder and rape to drug trafficking, from littering to home invasions and more, these people engage in hard core crimes against us at a rate far greater than does the native population.

President Reagan said: "a country that can't control its borders isn't really a country anymore." Benjamin Franklin challenged, when asked what he and the other Founders had given us: "a republic, if you can keep it." Are you up to that challenge? We all know that freedom is not free. Every generation pays the price. Now it is our turn.

We all owe Sheriff Joe Arpaio an enormous debt of gratitude for protecting us. Imagine what Maricopa County would be like without his efforts. We salute the Sheriff. You have a duty to express your support too. Joe is tough, that’s true, but he is also human and needs to know that we are on his side, the side of the rule of law. What MUST you do? At a minumum, e-mail Joe at, or phone his office: (602) 876-1801. Thank him for doing what most fear to do and tell him you are thankful for his sacrifice for all of us. Then, call the feds (202-353-1555 - Department of Justice's investigation of Sheriff Arpaio) and let them know we Arizonans resolutely stand up for a genuine American hero, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.



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Philadelphia, February 14, 1776."


Unknown said...

Please provide document on the billions of dollars that the federal government has provided to ACORN.

Rachel Alexander said...

It's all over the web just google "acorn" and "stimulus bill."

Unknown said...

Thanks. I found a fact check article setting it straight as misinformation.

Feel free to counter with anything better.

Shope said...

"ACORN got $53 million in federal funds since 94, now eligible for up to $8 billion more"

It is ABSOLUTELY my business!