Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CAP: Progress of bills in legislature

“Why Didn't They Tell Us?”

Victoria Laktash, a Tucson woman, gave powerful testimony this week before the House Health Committee supporting the Abortion Consent Act (HB 2564). Victoria, as well as a Phoenix ob/gyn and a Phoenix attorney, detailed how women are deceived and abused by abortion providers. Read more about the powerful testimony on our blog. You can also listen to the audio of the hearing online.

Democrats “Boycott” Hearing.

Planned Parenthood and two Democrat legislators – Rep. Ableser (District 17) and Rep. Lopes (District 27) walked out and boycotted the House Health Committee hearing for the Abortion Consent Act. I always thought the people elected their representatives to hear the testimony about legislation, weigh the arguments, then make an informed decision about how to vote. Evidently not for these two representatives who chose to follow Planned Parenthood's lead and refused to engage in the debate. Following the hearing, Planned Parenthood issued its latest lie about the bill, claiming the bill restricts access to birth control. The truth is that the bill specifically states that birth control is not affected.

The refusal of the abortion industry to consider even the most common sense legislation on abortion once again speaks volumes about their intentions to promote abortion at any stage of pregnancy for any reason at any age of the mother. They'd rather lie and stage a temper tantrum about the bill than come to the hearing and hear the truth about what's going on inside their clinics.

Quote of the Week.

As the House Health Committee passed HB 2564 5-0, Rep. Frank Antenori (District 30) commented: “I don't see why anybody should be opposed to this bill. It seems like a common-sense thing to me.”

Students' Religious Liberties Act Passes First Hurdle.

On Monday, the House Education Committee passed HB 2357, Students' Religious Liberties Act in a bipartisan 8-2 vote. To illustrate the need for the bill, local junior high student Deborah Chambers shared how her public school wrongly and unconstitutionally reprimanded her for putting a Jesus sticker on her school binder. You can keep up to date on CAP's legislative agenda at azpolicy.org and also read more information on our blog and Fact Sheets.

New Podcasts Available.

Check out the new podcasts available on our website. If you missed our Making Your Voice Count seminar last weekend or if you'd like to hear some of the speakers again, you can listen to the remarks from Arizona Senate President Bob Burns and Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams.

Tucson Legislative Briefing.

Southern Arizona families, I'll be in Tucson next Friday, March 6! Join me at our luncheon briefing to hear the latest news from the Capitol and about CAP's 2009 plans. For information, call our office or go online for tickets!.

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