Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grand Jury investigation of $340,000,000 Court Tower thwarted

Join statement by Sheriff Arpaio & County Attorney Thomas:

“We are very concerned that the Superior Court, by disregarding the rulings of higher courts, has blocked an important grand-jury investigation of itself and its own employees. This is surely a conflict of interest by the court itself if there ever was one. This ruling has been appealed to the same higher courts that have already upheld such investigations and prosecutions.

Important questions have arisen regarding the funding and contracts for the new $340 million-dollar court tower. This ruling suggests county and court officials believe they don’t have to answer these questions. We believe they should and the public has a right to know.”

Sheriff Arpaio adds, “I want the taxpayers of Maricopa County to know that these unjust actions against the County Attorney will not deter the Sheriff’s Office investigation and we will move forward with a vigorous investigation of the court tower as well as our other corruption cases.”

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