Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CAP: Updates

Good Work, Flagstaff!
Thanks to pastoral leadership and many residents who stood up and made their voice heard, the Flagstaff City Council decided on Monday not to adopt a remarkably broad ordinance adding "sexual orientation" and "gender identity or expression" to the city laws governing employment practices and "public accommodations." The proposed ordinance would have imposed restrictions on private businesses and even religious organizations, including churches.

Because of the strong feelings on both sides of the issue and lack of evidence of a problem in Flagstaff, the City decided to adopt only a non-binding resolution stating general support for "opportunities" for a long list of groups. Thank you to all of you in Flagstaff who spoke up to prevent this extreme ordinance from being adopted.

The Culture War is Far From Over.
On Thursday, the California Supreme Court heard arguments challenging Proposition 8, the California marriage amendment approved by voters last November. Initial reports are encouraging - the court decision will be issued within the next 90 days. Also this week, the federal law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman (DOMA) was challenged in federal court. Our efforts to protect the definition of marriage are far from over. Pray for these court decisions to respect the will of the people and its representatives to keep marriage as one man and one woman.

Legislative Update.

If you're not checking our blog, then you're missing out on the action! Legislative highlights for this week include:
  • On Monday and Tuesday, the Abortion Consent Act (HB 2564) passed the House Rules Committee and the caucus meetings of both parties. The bill is now ready for debate and a final vote on the House floor. Read more...
  • Wednesday's House Health Committee approved Jesse's Law, Part 2 (HB 2616) to remedy problems in Arizona's statutes regarding patients who cannot communicate their wishes. The committee heard from Jesse Ramirez's sister about the terrible situation their family endured and how Jesse's life is a miracle. Read more...
  • You can help influence public policy in some simple ways. Read more...
They Need Our Prayers.
This week, I attended Gov. Jan Brewer's speech outlining her five-point plan for addressing Arizona's budget crisis. I've also listened to comments from House and Senate leadership. Our state faces a dire situation with no easy solutions. It's easy to get frustrated with our elected officials in the tug of war over higher taxes, spending cuts, and stimulus money. But, our state government is facing a serious financial crisis, and our legislators and Governor need our prayers as much as ever. Please take a moment and pray for wisdom, unity, and strength for our state officials who must solve the difficult problems of the state budget.

Latest from American Idol!
Okay, I'll admit I've been watching American Idol the last few weeks because of Scott MacIntyre. A home school graduate, member of an evangelical Scottsdale church, and a graduate of Arizona's home school movement, Scott is a very gifted and talented musician who made it to the top 12 for American Idol this week. CAP friends - it's time to vote and support Scott on American Idol!

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