Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More on Planned Parenthood's failure to report abuse of minors

While some have argued that the videorecording of Jackie Stollar, a 21 year old who posed as 15 year old “Lizzie” and said she was impregnated by a 27 year old proves pro-lifers are mostly concerned about abortion , the fact is that Planned Parenthood regularly shows negligence to victims of statutory rape nationwide. Recently in 2002, Planned Parenthood of Arizona was found negligent by a judge for failing to report the rape of a 13 year old by her 23 year old foster brother. The silence of the provider of so-called “healthcare” led to a second abortion a few months later, thus compounding and providing for the continued sexual abuse. Even the Catholic Church in Arizona, Texas and other states requires volunteers to report to law enforcement whenever they observe or hear “an allegation by a minor that he or she has been the victim of child abuse or a sexual offense…” from Guidlelines for the Prevention of and Response to Sexual Misconduct, Diocese of Tucson. Disregarding the age difference between “Lizzie” and the man who supposedly engendered the pregnancy, and informing her to avoid bringing the boyfriend to the court hearing in order to waive the required parental consent shows Planned Parenthood’s lack of concern for young pregnant girls and preference for profit. In order to prove the contrary, it would be prudent for Planned Parenthood in Tucson to open the investigation up to the State of Arizona. An internal investigation, as mentioned in the article, with no outside regulatory agency to report to proves nothing, allows for multiple cover-ups and continued neglect and abuse.

Written by:

Denise Ferrell, RNT

Tucson, AZ

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