Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CAP: Pro-Life Bill Needs Your Support!


The Abortion Consent Act (HB 2564) is ready for debate and vote by the Arizona House of Representatives. This bill is designed to clarify and update our abortion statutes to protect women, children, parents, and the civil rights of healthcare workers.

The bill addresses problems with the statute requiring parental consent before a minor girl receives an abortion, requires that women be given full and accurate information and time to consider that information before an abortion, and protects healthcare workers from being forced to participate in abortion against their moral and religious beliefs.

The abortion industry has been flooding legislators with emails making false claims about the bill's purpose and intent. Legislators need to hear from you TODAY!


  1. Now is the time to make sure your voice counts! Click this link to email your two representatives today and politely ask them to vote YES on HB 2564. Craft your personalized message to them based on the talking points below.

  2. The bill's sponsor is Rep. Nancy Barto. Please send her an email at nbarto@azleg.gov to thank her for her leadership on behalf of preborn children, the women of Arizona, and health care professionals.

  3. Stay up-to-date on HB 2564 on CAP's website and our blog

  4. Forward this email to like-minded friends and family

  5. Pray for the passage of HB 2564 as it moves along in the legislative process.
  • HB 2564 makes needed changes to Arizona's parental consent law to ensure that parents are actually consulted before an invasive medical procedure is performed on their daughter.
  • HB 2564 empowers women to make informed choices by providing them with full and accurate information about the risks and alternatives to abortion and time to consider that information.
  • HB 2564 respects the rights of healthcare professionals so that they do not have to choose between their jobs and their religious beliefs about abortion.
  • HB 2564 follows court rulings upholding the reasonable regulations that states can place on abortion.

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