Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CAP update

Pro-Life, Pro-Family Victories!
On Wednesday, the Arizona House of Representatives heard your voices and kept their commitments to stand for family values as they passed four CAP-supported bills. The bills protect and defend families by making needed changes to abortion statutes, the charitable tax credit, and the corporate scholarship tuition tax credit.
Many thanks to those of you who took time to contact your representatives on the two abortion bills. Legislators told our CAP policy team how those e-mails and calls made a difference. Thanks for making your voice heard! To read our extended coverage of the floor action on these bills, visit CAP's blog. Keep up-to-date on all our bills at our Legislative Action Center.

What a Contrast
While we celebrate encouraging news for preborn children here in Arizona, it is hard to ignore the outrage of the week as President Obama announced his decision to lift the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. What you didn't hear in all of the biased media coverage praising embryonic stem cell research is that experiments using embryonic stem cells have yet to cure one single disease or illness - not one. You didn't hear that adult stem cells - which do not require the destruction of innocent human life - have been used successfully to treat more than 70 diseases.

The stark contrast between the reckless disregard for human life in D.C. and the positive pro-life success here in Arizona underscores how critical elections really are. Your votes for candidates in Arizona who support your values are enabling us to pass meaningful legislation to protect women, children, parents, and the civil rights of healthcare workers.
Good Decision for School Choice

On Thursday, the Arizona Court of Appeals upheld the corporate scholarship tax credit program that allows hundreds of families to choose the best educational setting for their children. Even though the Arizona Supreme Court has already upheld the similar individual tax credit program, opponents of school choice insisted on bringing this challenge to the corporate credit. Thankfully, the Court of Appeals followed the Supreme Court's ruling and kept this beneficial program in place. You can read the court's opinion online.
Truth Project Training Coming to
Northern Arizona
We are excited to be hosting two great training opportunities for Truth Project small group leader. We will be in Prescott on April 18 and in Flagstaff on April 25. Find out more or register at azpolicy.org.

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