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September AZ Life Times

Dear Friend of Life,
With our annual State Conference just a few days away, Arizona Right to Life has been busy preparing new and exciting ways for pro-life people to build a legacy of life. Below are just a few of the ways local chapters and friends have been spreading the message of respect and equality for human life. Keep up the good work everyone!
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High School Students Break "The Barrier"
Tempe Right to Life Donates Scholarship to ASU Club
AZRTL Pro-life Booth Visits Coconino County Fair
40 Days for Life
Assisted Suicide Alert!
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High School Students Break "The Barrier"

A local troupe of high school artists have combined music, theatre, and dance into an unforgettable experience geared towards helping their peers make healthy choices. A Tour Of Movement Inspiring Kids through all 12 grades, or Atomik12 for short, began with eight teenage girls who came together to create a drama about anorexia. Word about their dynamic presentation quickly spread and they were soon asked to make presentations on other topics, including pro-life ones. Heather Boyd, creator of the group said, "During our season, Karen Hartman contacted us about performing a show for the Wickenburg Right to Life dinner. After much prayer "The Barrier" was created, encompassing a rather unique way of presenting the "life" message. We are anxious to bring this "piece" to the Wickenburg Right to Life Dinner and hope that it may bring healing to those hurting from either miscarriage or abortion while inspiring others that life exists inside the 'Barrier' of the womb."

If you are interested in seeing the passionate and engaging work of Atomik12, consider attending the Wickenburg Right to Life "Celebrate Life" dinner on September 27th. Tickets are ten dollars each and include an Italian dinner, door prizes, Atomik-12's performance of "The Barrier", and nationally renowned speaker Mark Crutcher. This is one evening you won't want to miss! Contact Karen Hartman at 928-684-2199 or Terry Snodgrass at 928-684-2758 for more information. Click Here for Event Flyer (It's under "Wickenburg Right to Life" in the local news section of the AZRTL home page).

Tempe Right to Life Donates Scholarship to ASU Club

With its alcohol-fueled hook up culture and lack of parental oversight, many young people who attend college can easily fall into the trap of contracting an STD or having an unintended pregnancy. Sadly, the majority of these young people, burdened with the lack of a support system, a fear of confronting their parents, and the stress of their academic workloads will choose abortion as the solution to the consequences of their sexual experiences. In fact, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute 45% of all abortions are obtained by women between the ages of 18 and 24.

This is why reaching college students is more important than ever to stem the tide of an abortion culture on campus. Along with confronting this mindset, pro-life students on campus have to contend with pro-abortion professors and faculty hampering their efforts to defend the sanctity of human life. Fortunately, the students involved in Arizona State University's Students for Life (ASU-SFL) braved these challenges and continually engage the student body on life issues. Two years ago they hosted a pro-life exhibit that the ASU faculty tried to stop at all costs (even going so far as demanding ASU-SFL pay thousands of dollars in insurance fees not required of other groups wanting to conduct similar exhibits). Last year they hosted the first Regional Students for Life Conference and continue to host a pro-life table on campus. Because of this, Tempe Right to Life is donating their annual college scholarship to the club in order to help them with their activities such as campus exhibits and donation drives for organizations like Maggie's Place. ASU Students for Life will receive the award in the amount of $1,000 at the annual AZRTL State Conference this Friday, September 7th.

AZRTL Pro-life Booth Visits Coconino County Fair

Among the towering pines of Flagstaff, Arizona Right to Life hosted its pro-life booth at the Coconino County Fair. AZRTL enjoyed a tremendous amount of success at the fair as hundreds of fair-goers, young and old alike, came to view our intricate fetal models and reviewed our plethora of literature on subjects like abortion, euthanasia, and stem cell research. Volunteers said that most people who visited the booth were grateful for their presence and urged them to continue defending life. In fact, some people expressed an interest in forming a Flagstaff chapter of Arizona Right to Life. We encourage anyone interested in forming a local chapter to contact the AZRTL main office at 602-285-0063 or visit the "chapters" section of our website.

40 Days for Life

At the end of September, churches across the United States will be banding together to form a grassroots movement to oppose abortion in their local communities. This campaign was born out of a frustration that numerous Christian churches have fallen silent about abortion and have become apathetic or indifferent, failing to "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves." Now, a grassroots movement of Christians is mobilizing to change this abortion-minded culture through 40 days of prayer and fasting, but why 40 days you may ask? Throughout the Bible 40 days was used to transform and empower many of God's prophets such as Moses, David, and Elijah. Even Jesus spent 40 days in the desert to accomplish God's will.

The Coalition for Life, a group of 60 pro-life organizations and churches in College Station, Texas who originated the idea, claim the campaign has generated huge results in the various cities and towns that have implemented it. These results range from 20% reduction in abortion rates to dramatic increases in the number of pro-life volunteers. If you would like to learn more about the national campaign click here. To learn more about our state's campaign, especially the 40 Days of Prayer in Tucson, click here.

Assisted Suicide Alert!
PHOENIX, August 24, 2007 ( - Two professional death "assistants" are under murder investigation for helping a mentally ill woman commit suicide without the knowledge of her close and loving family members, the Phoenix New Times reports.

Jana Van Voorhis, a 58-year-old Phoenix woman, was found by her sister Vicki Thomas and her husband Jared lying dead in bed in a townhouse. Because of Jana's mentally unstable condition, her sister expected to see pills lying about as the cause of her death. The couple was surprised, however, to find a neat and orderly scene that they said looked "staged." Afterwards, evidence emerged that Jana had contacted a radical suicide group called Final Exit Nextwork (FEN). The Times reports that FEN is an offshoot of the Hemlock Society, which was founded in 1980 by author Derek Humphrey.

Potential "clients" must contact the society and pay a $50 fee to become a member. The organization had sent in two "guides" to help her die of asphyxiation by breathing helium gas from under a face-mask. Helium is one of the preferred drugs used by suicide groups because traces of it are difficult to detect afterwards in the blood stream. The two suicide "assistants" 79-year old Wye Hale-Rowe, a retired family therapist and great-grandmother, and Frank Langsner, a retired college professor, were FEN volunteers.

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Save the Date for the following events:
The AZRTL Pro-life Conference
on September 7-8th. Come and learn valuable skills as well as network with other pro-life individuals from around the state. Invite a pastor, friend, coworker, family member or teenager you know to this enriching event. Pick up a registration form online and sign up today!

National Catholic Bio-ethics Conference
to hold their annual meeting in Phoenix at the Diocesan Center (400 E Monroe ) on September 14-15. Interested parties should register for the conference at the NCBC website.
Scholarships available, contact Dr. Marci Moffitt at

Wickenburg Right-to-Life
"Celebrate Life" Dinner
is Thursday, September 27th, 6:00pm at the Wickenburg Community Center. Tickets are $10.00 each. Call Karen Hartman at 928-684-2199 for more information.

Mesa Right-to-Life
presents its third annual pro-life dinner "United We Stand . . . for Life" Tuesday, October 23, 2007 from 6:00pm - 10:00pm at the Mesa Country Club. $60 Per Person Donation. RSVP by October 17, 2007 to Joe and Jinny Perron at 480-807-2834 or

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