Saturday, September 15, 2007

Note to person who tried to post 2 derogatory comments about evangelicals

To the person who tried to post insults toward evangelicals, calling me a "typical close-minded evangelical bigot," I didn't post your comments because I don't have to. This is a blog, this isn't a free speech issue. Free speech means you have the right to express your views in public, whether on public property or through private means such as a newspaper or blog. Someone may have the right to run a blog or newspaper, but it doesn't mean they have to run everything someone else would like to contribute in their newspaper or blog (the Republic is a good case in point since they routinely refuse to include opinions and news submitted by conservatives). Even the air waves, a finite resource which are divided up with the government's oversight, have not yet been forced to include opposing views under an equal-time rule.

If you would like to hurl insults at evangelicals, feel free to set up your own blog. Your offensive remarks reinforce my opinion that few decent people will be interested in reading a blog like that.

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