Sunday, September 23, 2007

Chris Simnine to speak at Scottsdale Bible Church Sept. 30

You would never guess from looking at this photo that this young man has cerebral palsy. Although he has the face of an angel - his looks put Brad Pitt to shame - he struggles with clear speech and walking. Chris Simnine gave an inspiring testimony today at Scottsdale Bible Church, and will be at their north campus location next week at 9am, 11am, and 6:05pm. He was worth hearing, you could hear a pin drop in the sanctuary because everyone was on the edge of their seats riveted to his moving presentation. He has overcome quite a bit, including leaving a wheelchair to walk again. An inspiration for anyone who thinks they have tough hurdles to overcome.

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Steve Edward said...

Thanks for the write-up about Chris Simnine. Is it possible to find out more about him? How did he become handicapped, ie.? What is his testimony? Thanks for letting us know about him....

Steve Edward