Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Politico Mafioso and Think Right AZ are not the most popular political blogs in AZ

According to alexa, the authoritative website ranking service on the internet, and contrary to assertions by the nude elephants over at Politico Mafioso, the two RINO AZ blogs, Politico Mafioso and Think Right AZ are fairly low in popularity relative to many of the other political blogs in Arizona. In fact, Politico Mafioso is so low it doesn't even make the rankings.** Blognetnews/arizona, the aggregator of AZ political blogs which just revamped its site and is looking more impressive, frequently gives those two sites high rankings, probably because those RINOs have figured out how to artificially jack up their rankings. The ranking system on Blognetnews is bizarre; this site was ranked #2 last week but is now #15 - even though our traffic actually increased over the past week. The site currently listed as #2 is the liberal site Sustainability, Equity, Development, which didn't even make the alexa rankings. This is pretty funny considering they slammed Pullen for the Party for not having any comments on its blog - but at least Pullen for the Party made it into the alexa rankings, which is more than they can say. Sonoran Alliance is the #1 site in Arizona according to alexa, which makes sense if you look at their sitemeter stats and ask folks around town which blogs they frequent.

Sonoran Alliance - 1,293,491 - #1 in AZ
AZ Political Intel - 1,995,881
Red State Arizona - 2,626,090
Arizona Political Heat - 2,701,035
Yellow Sheet Report - 3,562,998
Think Right AZ - 4,175,862
Seeing Red AZ - 8,708,613
Pullen for the Party - 9,413,375
Espressopundit - failed to make the rankings
Arizona Report - failed to make the rankings
Sustainability, Equity, Development - failed to make the rankings
Rum, Romanism & Rebellion - failed to make the rankings
Politico Mafioso - failed to make the rankings**

Hey Nude Elephants - maybe if you wouldn't post so many McPain cheerleading posts, you'd increase your readership!

**Politico Mafioso notes that they are ranked on alexa under a different variation of their domain name. We checked it out, and sure enough, they were there - still in last place however of all of the local blogs ranked there! 9,442,523. Doesn't change much.

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x4mr said...

The Blognetnews ranking algorithm is flawed. I don't post my ranking.

Volume is only one factor of many that suggest influence. An article about a football game solicited 150 comments.

Number of comments, worthy of consideration, also does not insure influence.

Anonymously submitted ratings mean almost nothing.

If available, identity of traffic would provide the greatest indication. Who is reading?

DC Thinktanks?
The press?
Elected officials?
DC PR Firms?
Influential organizations?

If volume measures influence, Britney Spears is running the country.