Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Election Law Seminar September 26

Looks like a comprehensive candidate & campaign committee guide to elections in Arizona. It's pricey, and speakers include Todd Lang from Clean Elections, Joe Kanefield from the Secretary of State. From Lorman seminars -

This seminar will explore the law governing the rights of citizens to participate in the political process as voters. Special attention will be devoted to recent changes in the law, such as voter identification requirements and new procedural rules for election appeals, as well as to unique features of Arizona election law, such as initiatives, referenda, and public campaign financing clean elections.

This one-day seminar is designed for attorneys, election officials, county and municipal officials, officers of political and non-profit organizations, candidates, campaign staff and others involved in the voting process.

In One Day, You'll Learn:

  • Differences between state and federal laws governing the election process
  • Unique features of Arizona election laws
  • Voting systems and procedures used in Arizona
  • How to properly raise and spend money on election related activities
  • How non-profit organizations can be involved in elections
  • New procedural rules for expedited election appeals
  • Ethical issues in election practice

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